About Ayanza

Core beliefs

  • Everyone is a creative genius => We dispose of endless resources to achieve what we set for ourselves

  • People need a purpose to feel satisfied with their work and life => Presence and awareness of purpose (vision) are important for success

  • Language is the most powerful tool to create desired future - that is created in conversation between people

  • Coherence in purpose (vision) and actions is important for self-esteem, and satisfaction in life and in work

  • Habits give us confidence in uncertain situations - trust the process when there is nothing else to trust => team habits are important to team endurance

  • Learn to learn every day

  • No beliefs are true or false, we can freely decide what do we trust and take full responsibility for it; continuously evaluate and rethink our beliefs

  • We believe that in every organization there is some amount of unnecessary pain that if removed can benefit employees, customers, and stakeholders

  • “Always assume good intentions, and expect misunderstandings”

  • Communication is an important factor of the company's success; clarity, frequency, transparency, being verbal, written, drawn

  • Personal meaning: “cognizance of order, coherence and purpose in one's existence, the pursuit and attainment of worthwhile goals, and an accompanying sense of fulfilment” => applies to company meaning as well

  • Organisational health requires safety, trust, motivation and communication


  • Humanity - be humans, not robots, show love and compassion, share you feelings, be who you truly are, fulfil your potential

  • Positivity - every situation offers many opportunities and it’s our ability to spot them that makes the difference

  • Responsibility - take 100% responsibility for everything in your life

  • Courage - be brave, take calculated risks, aspire for more

  • Curiosity - beginner’s mind and asking questions to better understand the nuances of the world around us, don’t rely only on past experience and avoid 'I know it all’ attitude

  • Trust - self confidence, confidence in others, integrity, believe that it’s possible and you can make it

  • Simplicity - simple over complex, wherever possible


We exist to help teams achieve their full potential.


Create the best product for building successful and healthy teams.

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