Build a Second Brain

Second Brain is an interesting method on how to organize your digital life. Storing and systematically 'packaging' our ideas can help us grow and boost our productivity.

Instead of keeping the knowledge just in your mind, try to capture it across a stack of digital tools, improve on it, connect ideas together.

Second Brain for Teams

Do you see the potential of a Collective Second Brain for your team?

Not just single person but whole team contributes and taps into collective knowledge. The organization that captures its ideas and concepts:

  • uses knowledge as competitive advantage

  • learns at hyper-accelerated rate

  • makes well-informed decisions

  • prevents unnecessary conflicts caused by misunderstanding or information imparity

Tiago Forte is one of most notable advocate of the Second Brain concepts. His company Fortelabs offers online courses that can get newcomers on track. There’s an upcoming book by Tiago: Building a Second Brain that shall be published in August 2022.

Software for Second Brain

Notion.so, Microsoft OneNote, Evernote.com, RoamResearch.com and Obisidian.md are currently the most popular tools for building a second brain.

Ayanza for Second Brain

Ayanza is a new kid on the “Second Brain for Teams” market and we do our best to carve our place and win it. Give it a try and share your review!

We would reward any Youtube videos that we could link here as a showcase how teams create their Second Brains in Ayanza.

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