How to use Ayanza

This really depends on your use case. Here are some general recommendations for a quick start:

1. Try to write some content

Our text editor is an interesting beast. It’s more potent than it initially looks.

  • Supports Markdown syntax

  • Supports commands (press / to explore the commands, scroll down for the full list)

  • Can create new documents directly from the text (hit a “+” key and write a new page name)

  • Can link pages together (hit a “+” key and write an existing page name)

  • Can turn a selected text into a new page (select a text and pick the “Turn into page” option)

  • Can mention a person: hit “@” key and type their name

2. Get familiar with Spaces

Space might be a page or a database. Spaces can have sub-spaces; add them by clicking on a “+” icon next to the space name in the left navigation (shows on mouse hover on desktop).

A page is a web document with some text content.

A database is a collection of items. Items are pages that might have some custom properties. For example, tasks would have “status”, “assignee”, “priority” and “due date” properties. Properties of deals could be for example “amount”, “customer“ and “sign date“. It’s very flexible and with some experimentation, you’ll get exactly what you need.

3. Create a welcome content for your teammates

It’s not the tool but the content that makes collaboration interesting. Ayanza comes empty, and it’s on you to create a warm invitation for your colleagues.

Use it as an opportunity:

  • To share your best hopes with your team - What would you like to achieve together?

  • To outline an essential structure for the team - For example, create a Space for every department and ask your colleagues to take ownership over them. Inspire by your own space.

  • To openly ask for feedback and suggestions, you might be surprised by the responses.

Templates can provide you with some inspiration if needed.

4. Invite your teammates

Ayanza is ultimately the team collaboration app, and it feels lonely when not used in a team. Invite your colleagues by email or generate an invite link and share it on your team Slack/ MS Teams / Discord channels.

5. Agree on basics

What are our purpose, vision, values, and core beliefs?

What culture do we want to have?

What are our current goals?

Who is responsible for what?

How do we organize our work?

How do we resolve the conflicts?

When do we meet for retrospectives and soft talks?

Spaces are surprisingly useful for documenting the answers to the questions above.

6. Schedule some team Activities

You might want to pick a standup template and schedule a daily standup meeting. Or weekly retrospective.

  1. Ayanza will create a copy of the template for every participant on the day of the meeting, and it enables them to write their preparation.

  2. All participants will get access to each other’s entries - even not attending the meeting at the scheduled time is not a problem if the participant writes the preparation and reads the entries of others later on.

  3. You can still meet over Zoom/Discord/Teams because live meetings will always be better than text pages. You might observe positive changes in the team dynamics - better presentation of speakers, more clarity in communication, better alignment, and it keeps the written records of your meetings.

It’s good to agree on those activities in some live meetings. After some time your team will build a habit of meeting regularly and really enjoy the new way of work.

7. Learn together and improve your system

You won’t make it 100% right from the beginning and that’s alright. Just learn from your experience, discuss it with your colleagues and improve.

We at Ayanza will do our best to spread the community's best practices. When you discover something cool and will like to share - write it into your digital garden and let us know. We’ll make sure it gets to the others as well. In the same way, as cool content created by other users flows to you.

Do you want to learn more about Ayanza? 👉

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