Ayanza supports three data integrations at the moment they work more like data imports. But we are also exploring way where it would work in incremental sync way. Which will then synchronise data periodically over time.

Notion integration


Frequently asked questions

How can I find integrations?

  • You can find integrations at the top left corner in your organisation menu.

Who can access my connected integration?

  • Only user who connected third party integration can run synchronisation to get data. After synchronisation all connected data are by default visible to every member of an organization.

Is my access secured?

  • We connect to third party integration by using Oauth standard where you don’t share any username/password with us. Instead after your authorization we will receive unique token which is used for programmatic data synchronisation. This token has limited expiration time and It’s stored encrypted in our database.

Where will be my data located in Ayanza?