Ayanza supports data integrations for:

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Current state enables import of all important data from these tools to Ayanza. We continue to work on Integrations to enable smooth transition of data to and from Ayanza. If you encounter any problems or have tool we do not yet support, let us know through our Discord or ping us at


Where do I find integrations to my organization?

You can find integrations at the top left corner in your organisation menu.


Who can access my connected integration?

Only user who connected third party integration can run synchronisation to get data. After synchronisation all connected data are by default visible to every member of an organization.

Is my access secured?

We don’t have access to your information, only your data through .
We receive token for data from the service of your choise, which we then transform into Ayanza. Security is our priority, so all your data as well as the connection to the service is encrypted in our database.

Where will be my data located in Ayanza?

Your data will appear in Organization Spaces. You can change the placement using “Move to“ action.