Open Positions at Ayanza

We seek talented and motivated people with diverse backgrounds to bring more joy to work together.

Senior Software Engineer 🌎

Build amazing product with us.

Product Manager 🌎

Bridge the clients and developers together.

Performance marketing specialist 🙌

Grow our user base.

We know that we succeed and fail together - expect polite and direct communication and the best support we are able to provide.

We document a lot directly in the product - you always know what's up and are very welcome to influence our path.

Live coding sessions, pair programming, ad-hoc chats, and solution-focused discussions are common parts of our workdays (all via Discord).

Our days start with an asynchronous morning reflection and a video meeting to get in touch daily.

We work fully remotely and our own product helps us to get aligned.

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By sending your CV to richie@ayanza.com

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