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Our Team


We met and build another successful company together. We left one by one and we knew - companies can be built in a better way.


🌟 Do our work with passion and profits will eventually come

🌟 There’s no limit on what we as a great team can achieve together

🌟 We need a strong purpose to feel fulfilled by our work

We started to build Ayanza as the app for the purpose. Personal and then team. And not just one team - in great companies all teams work together towards common vision; no team can be left behind.


Healthy & Successful Teams


Build the world’s best app that supports people in a meaningful work.


🌞 Curiosity: The beginner’s mind

πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Humanity: Be more human

🧑 Trust: Peers are here for you, you are here for them

🫢 Responsibility: We are 100% responsible for our lives

🧘 Positivity: Always look for the positive signals

🌟 Simplicity: Simple eats complex for breakfast


β˜‘οΈ We eat our own dog food

β˜‘οΈ We bring our full self into the work

β˜‘οΈ We seek to be mindful at work

β˜‘οΈ We seek close connections with our users to serve them better

β˜‘οΈ We write a lot and discuss a lot

β˜‘οΈ We choose our words and wishes carefully as they tend to fulfill quite quickly

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