Unlock cross-team collaboration by managing all the tasks from a single place.

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Easily write a task with the full power of Ayanza's editor. Set assignee, due date, status, and priority - or customize these properties if needed. Everyone will see their tasks. And can see the tasks of others.

One Process For All The Teams

Great task management is simple, no rocket science:

  1. Draft - new tasks or ideas that aren’t properly defined yet

  2. Backlog - tasks waiting to be done

  3. Active - tasks that are going to be prepared this week

  4. Done - finished tasks

If it makes sense to most of your teams, you’ll be delighted in Ayanza.

Tips For More Meaningful Work

Check the alignment of tasks and strategy

How would you know if you work on the most important tasks? Get more confidence by consulting with your Vision, Strategy, or Objectives. There’s no better feeling at work when tasks and strategy go hand in hand.

Set effective rhythms to manage tasks consistently

  1. Vision meetings to make sure your tasks are aligned with your Vision

  2. Planning meetings to distribute the actual workload across your team

  3. Retrospective to celebrate success & learnings, and improve the process

Groom tasks created by you

Fewer tasks in backlog, tighter confidence your team pick the right ones in the next planning session. Keep it short. Always remove tasks that are no more valid and see an instant increase in productivity.

Keep checking the newsfeed

Task updates are real-time propagated to the newsfeed. In an elegant way without too much clutter. This gives you the benefit of speed. Use it to move faster or to provide timely feedback and increase the quality of your team’s work.

Recognition of a job well done

Send Kudos as a gesture of your gratitude to the heroes that completed the task you cared about.

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