Candidate Interview

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Candidate Interview


Candidate: Joshua Danniels

Date: February 23, 2023

Job Title: Senior Product Manager

Interviewer: Nick Tirell

Hours: Full-time / Part-time

Available Start: April 1st, 2023

Salary: 4000$

Site: Full-remote / New York


👋 Introduction

  1. Welcome the candidate and introduce yourself

  2. Let the candidate introduce themselves

  3. Introduce the company and the job that candidate is applying for

  4. Explain the selection process and interview structure

🙋 Interview Questions

  1. Start the interview with personal questions

  2. Ask about the candidate´s background, skills & experience

  3. Ask job-specific questions:

    • Knowledge questions: These questions assess the candidate´s theoretical knowledge about the job

    • Behavioral & situational questions: These questions look at specific examples of the past job performance and hypothetical future performance of the candidate

  4. Ask additional questions about the candidate´s motivation, ambition, leadership skills, teamwork, or problem-solving

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ℹ️ Additional Information

  1. Tell the candidate about any additional requirements for the job (any particular software skills, equipment, special skills…)

  2. Discuss the salary

  3. Discuss the possible starting date

  4. Ask if the candidate has any additional questions

🏁 Conclusion

  1. Recap all the important information that candidate needs to remember

  2. Give contact information in case the candidate will have additional questions

  3. Tell the candidate when are you going to contact him with the decision

  4. Thank the candidate for coming to the interview


  • Use this space to write down any notes, or output of the interview