Gap Planning

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Gap Planning

What Is a Gap Planning Framework?

A gap planning framework is a tool that helps organizations identify, prioritize, and address gaps in their current plans and operations. This type of framework is typically used to evaluate where an organization is in relation to its goals, and identify strategies for improvement. It outlines the information needed in order to make the most informed decisions and includes visual representations of potential solutions and outcomes.


📦 Current State

Identify the current state of your company

The current state of the company will depend on numerous factors, such as the size and scope of operations; financial performance; customer perception; market share and presence; the strength and vitality of the brand; and overall objectives and strategy.

  • This is what we have achieved until now…

🔭 Vision

Identify where you want to be with your company

  • This is where we want to get…

⛰️ Gaps

Identify the gaps in your company

Be specific about the gap and dig deeper to determine why the gap has occurred. Consider the following example:

“Why are customers so difficult to work with?” Because they want something custom. “Why do they want custom work?” Because they are dealing with a different problem than our company imagined. “Why didn’t we imagine the problem the customer is facing?”…

  • The current gaps are…

✅ Improvements

Devise improvements to close the gaps in your company

Base all improvements on the information you discovered while identifying the gaps.

  • Improvement #1

  • Improvement #2

  • Improvement #3