James Scott Bell: A Disturbance & Two Doorways

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James Scott Bell: A Disturbance & Two Doorways

🤨 Disturbance

Early in the story upsets the status quo—anything that threatens the protagonist’s ordinary life.

Example: “Upon hearing that their adoptive father has passed away, six siblings return to their childhood home.”

🚪 Doorway #1

Propels your character to the middle of the story. Once he goes through this door, there’s no turning back.

Example: “Here they learn the world will end in a few days (Doorway 1). While the siblings try everything in their power to stop the potential global apocalypse, they unwittingly create another threat among themselves.”

🚪 Doorway #2

Leads to the final battle. It’s another door of no return but usually leads to disaster. This leads to a final battle.