My Super Successful Future

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My Super Successful Future

✅ In Order To Start…

  1. Get into a relaxed mood and comfortably lean back into your chair.

  2. Close your eyes and imagine yourself 2 years from now in your super successful future. Take your time.

  3. It’s an early morning and your new day just starts… What happens next?

🤔 What Happens Next?

Go through your whole day and write down any observations from your experience.

🌅 How My Morning Looks Like?

☀️ How My Afternoon Looks Like?

🌇 How My Evening & Night Look Like?

❤️ How Do I Feel In This Future?

👫 Who Are The Most Important People Around Me?

🆕 What New Things Do My Friends Notice About Me?

🔋 What Gives Me The Most Energy?

Bonus: How Did I Do This?

  • Backtrack your future into a present day