Reflect On Your Story

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Reflect On Your Story

Slow-motion movie - this is how you will see your story after this exercise. Describe your situation by using the questions below.

Then, rewrite the story by starting with a different outcome. Rewinding questions are there to support you in constructing how you frame your new experience.


A Challenging Situation / Conversation

What did you observe?

Similar to a reporter describing it

What were you telling yourself at the time?

Your story and internal narrative

What does this say about how you see yourself?

Your identity in this case

What did you do as a result?

The actions that you took

What happened in the end?

The outcome of the situation


How To Achieve A Different Outcome?

What would you like to have had happened in the end?

The outcome of the situation you wish

What could you have done differently as a result?

The actions you would take to achieve the outcome you wish for

What would need to shift in how you see yourself?

The identity that would lead you to take those actions

What could you tell yourself next time this happens?

Your new story or internal narrative

What would you observe if ‘this’ were the case?

What would your new experience be?

Credits to Dr. David Drake and his guide to rewinding the story. The original source is here.