Solution Proposal

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Solution Proposal

🎯 Main Goal

Briefly describe the goal of your solution proposal.

Goal: Microservice for Authentication

📝 Description

A detailed description of the proposed solution.

  • Microservice for Authentication will need to support OAuth

  • It will use Keycloak open-source library

  • It will be built using Python programming language

⚠️ Risks & Rabbit Holes

List the key risks and rabbit holes of your proposed solution.

The current main risk is using the Keycloak library with an acceptable license → it may change in the future causing major downstream costs as many Auth microservices are planned to be deployed.

✋ Deadlines & Limitations

Major deadlines or limitations which might cause delayed or even completely unsuccessful delivery of the project.

  • The project deadline is August 2021

  • The project is directly dependent on the infrastructure set up by the INFRA team, which might get delayed due to increased load on the team causing Auth microservice to get delayed as well

📦 Solution Proposal

Describe in detail the proposed solution and provide any diagrams, or required supporting materials that will help the audience understand the product and the technical concept.

Solution Proposal: My proposal is…

❓ Questions & Answers

This section will significantly help understand the problem and minimize the need to hold time-consuming Q&A meetings.

  • List any relevant questions, which have been asked during solution creation and provide answers

🗓️ Timeline

Provide a detailed timeline on the project delivery. The form is up to you, but it is recommended to use a table structure with dates, descriptions, teams involved, and ETA weight (agile).



Team Involved

ETA Weight