What is and isn’t Ayanza

We’ve built Ayanza with versatility in mind - it can be as lean or become as robust as you and your team need.

✅ Wiki and knowledge base

Building the internal knowledge base is a bread and butter for Ayanza. A simple yet powerful editor, hierarchical structure or and blazing fast search across all the content make Ayanza a pleasure to use.

✅ Collaborative Note-taking

Write and share your ideas with your team. Not only you do think better when you write, but at the same time, your team has instant access to the ideas and can better understand, support you and succeed at their own tasks. And vice-versa.

✅ Team Newsfeed

Always know what’s happening. Just swipe down your screen and catch up with all the updates. It’s like Facebook, but here it brings you closer to your professional goals.

✅ Meeting scheduling with templates

Schedule daily stand-ups, weekly retros, monthly planning, quarterly OKRs, etc. This is a fantastic way how to make sure your team moves fast and never stucks.

✅ Document database management app

Manage workflows, projects, and databases of any kind. Could you ever imagine that all those things could be in a single package? Ground-breaking!

  • Project management

  • Marketing operations management

  • Product roadmap & issues

  • Sales: Contacts, Leads, Deals, Customers

  • Support: Tickets, knowledge base

  • HR: Jobs, applicants, onboarding, experience management

✅ Team directory

Looking to learn more about your colleagues or open to letting your colleagues know you better? This is the opportunity! Make your professional profile, including all the achievements and personal preferences, and share it across the company. Have a meeting with a “hard“ person? Check their preferences before and it might go way better than you would anticipate.

❌ Video and voice calls

Consider Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meets, or our favorite Discord

❌ Chat and instant messaging

Consider Slack, MS Teams, or Discord.

❌ Single-player and single-purpose tool

Ayanza is best for the team and cross-team collaboration. Jira is probably better for IT tasks and Pipedrive is a better CRM. But when IT needs to collaborate with sales and marketing, Ayanza sweeps the board completely!

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