Space to visualize and explain your ideas, tasks, and more.

👩‍🎨 Explain complexity with ease

Many people don’t fully understand new concepts the first time around and that's when the whiteboard comes in handy.


Whiteboard allows people to visualize and explain complex concepts. It leads to better information and innovation.

Whiteboards can be also used for brainstorming, presenting ideas, making lists, and more.

🧠 Better brainstorming

Whiteboard are always with you in Ayanza newsfeed.


Brainstorm your own ideas or ideas of your team.


🌻 Bring life to your spaces

Explain your idea via text and help people understand the meaning by quick visualization in whiteboard. This can be done using /embed command.


📘 Novel visualizations of the team’s knowledge

Discover hidden patterns in your company by visualizing your spaces and databases by whiteboards.


Create and interact with your database items. Create new relations between database items with connections and more.