Ayanza: Team Journal

For Successful and Healthy Teams

Imagine a space where

ideas flow freely,

team development is a reality,

team goals are clear to everyone,

individual knowledge is accessible to everybody; where

company vision is a collaborative effort and a guiding star for every decision.

Does this sound like a dream? Well, dream no further.

Ayanza is here!

Ayanza is a safe space for your team to share everything. Reach your full potential with us. Start using Ayanza today for free.


Transparency of Work for Every Team

  • View and manage tasks for any person in organization

  • Individual and team OKRs

  • Advanced databases

  • Templates

  • History of entries

  • Real-time newsfeed

Space for Every Team

  • Align team on company vision

  • One place for team notes

  • Structured Team Wiki

  • Asynchronous Daily

  • Team retrospective

Team Engagement

  • Overview of all activity in an organization

  • Interaction with others through comments & likes

  • Suggestions for you - daily rhythms and inspiring questions

Wiki Experience

  • Smooth note taking experience

  • Create your own public homepage

    and more

Ayanza is Fair and Straight

  • Start for free with our 14 day trial

  • Remain free for teams under 10 members

  • Monthly subscription for 10 and more members

  • We keep the data 100% private, safe and yours - take them if you ever leave.

  • We’d love to get your feedback so we can build a better product - join our Discord community.

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