Feb 13, 2023

12 Best AI Project Management Software Tools for 2023

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are quickly finding their way into various technologies. AI can be very powerful, and it’s already used in multiple industries. However, finding the right AI-powered solutions with the right technologies to manage complex projects efficiently and get that value is essential. 

Many AI project management tools are available, but how do they work, and which ones offer AI benefits? This post will cover all the key factors you need to consider and help you find the best solutions. 

What Is AI Project Management Software?

AI project management software is a project management tool with AI incorporated into it to improve human activities with limitless AI and ML processing capabilities that streamline project decision-making. 

Human intelligence technology is a simulation of computer-controlled cognitive processes through modeling and imitation. These systems can mimic human decision-making, meaning, and reason to analyze large data sets using algorithms to help deliver projects on time. 

AI can quickly predict a reliable outcome, learn preferences, make classifications, and identify important features. Simply put, AI is about giving relevant data to a machine that generates desired results for specific goals.  

How Do AI Project Management Tools Work?

AI project management tools enable the project management process by supplementing and enhancing human activities. These tools bring limitless processing capabilities with machine learning to give meaning to data and help make crucial decisions to achieve business strategies. 

AI is crucial in adding value through the different stages of managing the project lifecycle. Artificial intelligence software can improve hiring by assigning skilled talent for a specific project, delegating responsibilities, matching skills with tasks, distributing tasks, and allocating resources without wasting time.  

AI tools take over various technical tasks and allow project managers to deal with more crucial tasks. These systems also assist by keeping track of the project and checking key metrics like budgets, milestones, and other resources. They give better potential risk assessments and provide insights from previous projects to enable managers to do a better job. 

Key Features Of AI Project Management Tools

Projects requiring innovation, agility, speed, and creativity benefit from AI project management tools. However, to get the necessary benefit, you will need the right features. ML and AI offer predictive analytics, intelligent assistance, and automation capabilities for different management aspects: 

  1. Support documentation 

  2. Collaboration features 

  3. Allocation of resources  

  4. Project risk mitigation and prediction 

  5. Workflow and project task automation 

  6. Data management 

  7. Project prioritization 

  8. Daily task management 

  9. Setting project KPIs 

  10. Handling project administrative tasks 

  11. Project data analysis 

  12. Project budgeting feature

  13. Project scheduling 

  14. Complex project analytics 

These common features can be highly beneficial in project management. For example, you can use resource allocations and project budgeting to get accurate predictions using a huge volume of information. Since humans can never give such accurate projections, these features can help overall project planning and allocate resources where they are most needed. 

On the other hand, repetitive task automation like sending emails or scheduling can free up lots of time for all your team members and let them innovate or focus on more crucial tasks. Managers have 80% more time for complex tasks and 79% more time for leading their teams using AI-powered tools. 

How To Choose The Best AI Project Management Solution?

AI project management tools still aren’t mainstream, and many companies are reluctant to adopt them. However, there’s an increasing number of PMs using AI. You can’t just choose any tool you come across, as they aren’t all good or valuable.

Here are some unique aspects you should consider when opting for an AI project management solution on top of typical factors. 

🧰 AI Features 

The number of AI features is essential if you choose an AI project management software. After all, you want to automate and improve various tasks and processes that are part of your management efforts. 

See how many features are available and what they do. Project prioritization is a simpler yet valuable feature, but you should look for more advanced AI capabilities like project risk prediction and risk mitigation. 

👨‍💻 The Development Stage Of The Product

One of the reasons why many decision-makers still aren’t convinced about AI-powered project management solutions is that these solutions are still getting developed. Many companies are marketing their AI capabilities but are still working on them. 

Companies need proven tools they can adopt right away and start getting results. Sadly, most businesses aren’t willing to test out different tools. Luckily, there are fully functional AI solutions we’ll mention later. 

💸 Pricing And Associated Costs  

Pricing is always an important factor when adopting a new solution. It’s always important to put all the features and functionalities on a list and compare the prices between multiple tools. Simply put, you need to know what you’ll get for your money. Just because something is more expensive, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. 

On the other hand, you shouldn’t be looking to get the cheapest tool possible and expect it to do a great job. Be realistic about its capabilities and compare the price. Luckily, most PM tools today offer free trials so you can test their abilities. 

⏯️ Usability

Decision-making and critical thinking are still human specialties. The success of AI solutions depends on the algorithm and how the program is trained. You must find a solution that’s already been appropriately trained to tackle the essential tasks. 

Avoid solutions requiring additional training as it can get very complex, and you might teach the program to do something you didn’t want. You should also check the usability of the specialized tool you’re interested in and if anyone can work with it. 

Benefits Of Using AI Project Management Tools

AI is still improving, and so are AI project management tools. All of this creates numerous benefits for the project management process. However, here are some core benefits you can expect right away. 

📉 Better Project Estimations 

A survey by Geneca has shown that 70% of managers say their projects fail even before they start. One of the main reasons why this happens is overly pessimistic or optimistic estimations. Humans can’t gather complex numbers and take them into account when implementing tasks. 

AI has the more substantial processing power and doesn’t have biases or feelings that affect its estimations. Computers crunch down numbers quickly and use historical data to learn and provide accurate destinations that ultimately lead to reliable project outcomes. 

🗓️ Improved Scheduling And Planning 

AI connects the dots between data points to make the most of your datasets. It manages vast amounts of data and analyzes it to make suitable suggestions and conclusions. Humans can never take into consideration the full data scope. 

Instead, they can use the conclusions made by AI and make the right decisions based on this vital information. AI project management software allows you to allocate and assign team members with all the information in a single location to take the right action. 

🗺️ Reliable Roadmaps And Budgets 

Costs and time are closely connected in project management. AI solutions can give you predictable and accurate time estimations that allow you to define the project scope and create proposals for clients that are realistic and reliable for both parties. 

At the same time, accurate time estimates let you create robust project roadmaps through which you can schedule resources in a better way. Simply put, your clients understand when you will deliver the project and what kind of work will be done, while your employees will know their tasks. 

📝 More Predictability 

Better project estimations increase predictability. Since AI stores all data, remembers all previous outcomes, and processes this data quickly, you can make better decisions. AI continuously improves estimations for different resources and tasks using data from previous organizations, people, team performance, and projects. 

The algorithm is constantly improving and using the current factors to give accurate estimates while considering historical data. That allows you to predict outcomes and potential issues with your projects. 

Cost Of AI Project Management Software

Regarding AI project management systems, their price isn’t as high as you might expect. The reason for this is that they still aren’t mainstream, and companies are still reluctant to use them. 

However, once industries realize just how valuable these tools are, their price will grow exponentially. 

Maybe this is the time to adopt a PM system and get it cheaply. As far as pricing goes, you can even find capable cognitive solutions for $0 per month (Ayanza) with an upgraded plan for $6 per month. Prices can go up to $50 per month, but they are usually around $10. 

There are no hidden fees or flat costs you will have to cover – just pay the subscription, and you can use AI project management software as long as you want. Some vendors even offer annual billing options to help you save money in the long run. 

Top 12 Providers Of AI Project Management Tools


Ayanza is a relatively new project management system focused on team health, 6workflow, and success. It has a straightforward user interface with many templates for project management and a newsfeed board where you can get updated in the form of social media

ℹ️ About

Ayanza has adopted an interesting AI technology that allows you to improve performance and collaboration through all of your work. The AI system is always active no matter what simple task or action you perform in the program. 

It gives valuable suggestions to help you brainstorm ideas. At the same time, you can use simple phrases to perform complex actions and get valuable insights. You can use the AY writer to get answers at any given moment and save energy by letting the AI write and think for you. 

It’s easier than ever to write a custom report with insightful information and turn this repetitive process into an easy task since you’ll always have a creative perspective. Finish any mundane task quickly and make your life easier. 

💸 Pricing

  • Starter: free for up to 25 users 

  • Pro: $6 per month per user 

  • Enterprise: customized pricing 


2. ProofHub



An all-in-one PM and task management tool with rich features for managing teams and projects effectively. It’s suitable for teams working towards similar goals or companies that need a centralized project management hub.

ℹ️ About

ProofHub has a capable AI that allows teams and organizations to work more effectively and be smart about their operations without worrying about any potential issues, including workload distribution or team availability. The AI tracks these critical metrics and notifies you when your attention is needed. 

At the same time, ProofHub AI can help you save time by offering comprehensive project reports driven by AI. All routine tasks, like approvals or reports, can be automated to help you get more time for your core PM tasks. 

💸 Pricing

  • Essential: $45 flat per month 

  • Ultimate control: $89 flat per month 

3. Trello



Trello is a popular tool that’s been around for a very long time. It offers all kinds of integration and features that enable teams to work smarter. It is the first PM tool to use boards to assign and share tasks. 

ℹ️ About

Trello didn’t have any AI capabilities at first, but it recently introduced multiple features allowing people to organize projects, workflows, and personal lives. 

It also offers the Strategy-AI power-up that lets you anticipate events, prioritize, and see all essential factors next to your boards. It also provides various automation tools like Butler to help you organize and manage boards more efficiently. 

💸 Pricing

  • Free: $0 per month 

  • Standard: $5 per month 

  • Premium: $10 per month 

  • Enterprise $17.50 per month 

4. ClickUp



This cloud PM software is designed for organizations that need to align their workflows, set up objectives, update team members, collaborate on a shared project, and define shared tasks. It’s considered one of the best options because of its customization and visibility.

ℹ️ About

ClickUp has a good AI virtual assistant that lets you access team information at any given movement. It also offers various AI-powered functionalities focused on task, process, and time management.  

You can use various collaboration and communication tools in ClickUp and configure automated notifications to specific items to avoid missed deadlines or mistakes. 

💸 Pricing

  • Free: $0 per month 

  • Unlimited: $5 per month 

  • Business: $12 per month 

  • Business Plus: $19 per month 

5. Notion



Notion is a PM tool designed for various needs, and it offers a sleek and quickie app that anyone can use for basic task management. It offers a great free plan and advanced features with paid options, including boosted security and unlimited users. 

ℹ️ About

Notion AI is an AI system within the project management tool that you can use to summarize existing content and extract essential information from it. It greatly helps improve your project quality no matter what type of resources you currently use.  

It can also brainstorm ideas and names for products or brands and help you with your creative process by writing drafts. Notion AI also has grammar correction and spell-checker functionalities. 

💸 Pricing

  • Free: $0 per month 

  • Personal Plus: $5 per month 

  • Team: $10 per month 

  • Enterprise: custom pricing 

6. Asana



Asana is a sophisticated project and content management system that various companies can use to achieve different tasks. It’s one of the most well-known management tools used for streamlining projects and optimizing workflows

ℹ️ About

Asana has advanced AI task management tools that let users create and edit boards, lists, and branching scenarios. Projects can also be divided into smaller tasks to make different aspects easier to manage and navigate through all essential parts of a project.

You can also integrate Asana with Adam, an intelligent content platform with workflow builders, timeline capabilities, calendars, and boards. 

💸 Pricing

  • Basic: $0 per month 

  • Premium: $10.99 per month 

  • Business: $24.99 per month 

7. Wrike



Wrike is a simple work management tool for coordinating projects and tracking key events with a very simple user interface and enough depth for more complex projects. The platform focuses on tasks, projects, and folders. 

ℹ️ About

Wrike Work Intelligence is an AI solution that suggests steps, gives real-time risk projections, predicts outcomes, and creates personalized prioritization lists for each user. It removes the guesswork when making important decisions backed by real data. 

This technology uses machine learning to go through patterns and create a historic 360-degree view of all factors involved in project management to reduce costs and prevent delays. 

💸 Pricing

  • Free: $0 per month 

  • Team: $9.80 per month 

  • Business: $24.80 per month 

  • Enterprise: custom 

8. Basecamp



Basecamp lets you quickly move through projects and teams using a search bar and start conversations with people when needed. It’s effective for creating schedules and managing projects while giving you a great overview of all tasks and automated check-ins

ℹ️ About

With this software, users can overview all of their operations with ease. One reason for this is the many AI integrations available for Basecamp. You can automate various tasks, add workflows, perform data analytics, and get valuable insights through these integrations. 

Even though it’s one of the more straightforward AI project management solutions, it’s very capable. However, before using them, you will have to find the right integrations with AI capabilities. 

💸 Pricing

  • Basecamp: $15 per month per user 

  • Basecamp pro unlimited: $299 per month with unlimited users 

9. Monday



Monday is an all-in-one platform that allows you and your colleagues to set up various projects and manage tasks effectively while setting up the right processes. It offers agile management with unlimited customization along with items, columns, groups, and boards you can use to navigate and disseminate tasks. 

ℹ️ About

Monday also has multiple dedicated AI integrations. However, it also offers various automation and intelligent features powered by AI. Its most noticeable artificial intelligence tool is AI Sales, which can improve sales, find selling opportunities, and improve your processes based on input. 

It offers intelligent sales recommendations, sales automation, lead scoring, and forecasting to enable companies to reach their sales goals. 

💸 Pricing

  • Free: $0 per month 

  • Unlimited: $5 per month 

  • Business: $12 per month 

  • Business Plus: $19 per month 

  • Enterprise: custom pricing 

10. Microsoft Project



Microsoft Project is the staple tool of this software giant. MS project is an excellent choice for users who rely on other Microsoft Products. It can be integrated with the whole 365 ecosystem and open up various opportunities for your project deliverables. 

ℹ️ About

However, the most crucial thing about MS Project is that it supports using various AI-based solutions developed by Microsoft. This AI project management software effectively manages resource management, time tracking, reporting engine variables, and overviewing projects from different angles. 

💸 Pricing

  • Plan 1: $10 per month 

  • Plan 2: $30 per month 

  • Plan 3: $55 per month 

11. Teamwork



Teamwork is an online PM tool with various functionalities. Its strongest features are messaging, documentation, file uploads, time tracking, task lists, and document sharing. Users can even do project scheduling so managers can define tasks, assign them, and track their progress. 

ℹ️ About

Teamwork has a fantastic billing feature that uses AI to generate invoices based on your expenses and hours of work you’ve put in. At the same time, it offers a project collaboration feature via mobile phones so that even teams on the move can use it effectively. 

💸 Pricing

  • Free: $0 per month 

  • Deliver: $10 per month 

  • Grow: $18 per month 

  • Scale: customized pricing 

12. Project Insight 



Project Insight is an award-winning solution developed by Microsoft, which LinkedIn later purchased. It can help companies track progress, streamline accounting, allocate resources, and visualize and manage projects. 

ℹ️ About

Project Insight uses AI to enhance your team’s capabilities. Since the business environment is more connected than ever, it’s vital to get the tools that can help manage collaboration and workload more effectively with other teams and companies. 

Project Insight has various AI features, including progress monitoring, quality assurance analysis, resource scheduling, timeline estimates, project cost prediction, etc. 

💸 Pricing

  • Free: $0 per month 

  • Add-ons: $3 per month 

  • Enterprise: $45 per month


These are the best AI project management tools to choose from. However, take the time to learn about them and what they can offer. If you want an AI solution that brings value, we recommend Ayanza, as it was built around this technology and designed for everyday use. 



How Will AI Project Management Software Change The Field Of PM?

The first big way AI is changing PM is automation. Every project manager tool today offers various automation options that free up a lot of time. AI helps with risk management and project scheduling and identifies the most efficient routes to achieving project goals. 

Will AI Project Management Tools Replace Project Managers?

It’s unlikely that AI will replace project managers. However, it will enable them to do their jobs more efficiently. Human input will always be essential in PM. At the same time, project managers will have to understand how AI works in the future so they can use this technology to its fullest capacity.