May 22, 2023

10 Best AI-Driven Task Management Apps For Planning and Automation in 2023 (Android & iOS)

Managing tasks efficiently has become crucial to success in both personal and professional life in today’s fast-paced world.

Thankfully, AI technology has now advanced to the point where it can handle the most time-consuming parts of task management and minimize the risk of human error or oversights. 

Let’s dive in and discover the top task management apps that will help you stay organized and productive in 2023.

What are AI task management apps?

AI task management apps leverage AI and ML algorithms to help users manage tasks more efficiently. These apps typically offer features such as task creation and prioritization, deadline tracking, collaboration tools, and automation of routine and administrative tasks.

It’s crucial to mention that AI task management apps use AI to analyze user behavior, preferences, and data to provide personalized recommendations, automate routine tasks, and optimize workflows.

As such, both professional and personal users can benefit from these apps.

How do AI task management apps work?

AI task management apps use an AI algorithm to help users prioritize tasks more effectively. They usually use a combination of NLP, machine learning, and predictive analytics to identify the best order in which to complete tasks and offer suggestions accordingly.

If you’re unsure how AI task management apps work, here is a quick overview:

  • Inputting tasks: Users input their tasks into the app, either by typing them in or using voice commands. With inputting tasks, users of AI task management tools can make organizing their tasks significantly easier.

  • Categorizing tasks: The app categorizes each task based on factors such as its priority, deadline, and level of complexity. With this technique, it’s pretty simple to organize task completion in the most optimal way.

  • Prioritizing tasks: The app uses ML algorithms to schedule tasks based on their urgency and other factors. For example, it can single out the highest priority tasks or suggest which tasks can be grouped together to save time.

  • Scheduling tasks: The app may also use predictive analytics to suggest the best time to complete specific tasks. For example, if the user has a deadline approaching, the AI task management app may suggest scheduling dedicated blocks of time to work on the task to ensure it gets done in time.

  • Tracking progress: AI-driven task management apps track the user’s progress on each task and may provide reminders or notifications to help keep the user on track.

Key features of AI task management apps

It’s safe to say AI task management apps are equipped with countless outstanding features.

Here are some key features of AI task management apps:

  • Natural language processing (NLP): AI task management apps use NLP algorithms to understand user input and create tasks. With NLP, users can add tasks quickly and easily by speaking or typing natural language commands. It’s safe to say this saves a ton of time for app users.

  • Personalization: These apps are able to provide personalized recommendations based on each user’s behavior and the data they access. That way, everyone can set clear goals and fine-tune their workflows.

  • Automation: These apps also automate routine tasks like assigning tasks to team members sending reminders, and updating task status. With this feature, employees can save time and focus on the more important things that they have on their plates.

  • Collaboration: A wide range of collaboration features are also a part of many AI task management apps, such as team task assignment, progress tracking, and commenting. Teams can work together more efficiently and stay on track toward their goals when they have tools that support their collaboration.

  • Integration: AI task management apps can seamlessly integrate with other software applications, such as calendars, email, and ai software for project management. With access to such a versatile feature, people can centralize their workflows and manage tasks across multiple platforms.

  • Predictive analytics: Most AI task management apps use predictive analytics to forecast task completion times based on historical data. With access to such a powerful tool, users can plan their schedules more effectively and avoid over-committing.

  • Mobile accessibility: Most AI task management apps are available on mobile devices, helping users stay productive and organized, even when not at their desks.

Challenges of AI task managers

While AI task management apps offer many benefits, you must consider a few challenges before deciding whether these contemporary tools fit you.

Let’s look at some of the biggest challenges of AI-powered task managers:

  • Data privacy: Not all AI apps value the privacy of their customers. Some collect and process a worrying chunk of user data like their personal information, entire task lists, and productivity metrics. You will have to choose your apps carefully to keep this data secure and ensure full privacy.

  • User adoption: Users may find adopting a new AI task management app challenging, especially if they’re already using a different system. Apps that aren’t user-friendly or don’t provide significant benefits may face resistance from users.

  • Reliance on AI: Some people may be hesitant to rely too heavily on AI for task management, as they may prefer to maintain more control over their workflows. AI task management apps need to strike a balance between automation and user control.

  • Inaccurate data: AI algorithms rely on accurate data to provide personalized recommendations and automate tasks. If you have incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data, the app could give incorrect recommendations or make errors in automation.

  • Cost: Some AI task management apps might have a high price tag, especially if they offer advanced features or integrations with other software applications. That often represents a barrier for some users or organizations.

How to choose the best AI task management apps?

The market is filled with many interesting options, and people have difficulty telling the good from the bad. It’s all about knowing what functionalities to look for.

Here are some of the main factors that make the difference between a great AI task management app and a mediocre one:

  • Features: Look for features you need to manage your tasks effectively. These will generally include NLP, predictive analytics, automation, and easy collaboration between team members. Your chosen app should also be easy to integrate with other apps.

  • User-friendliness: Choose software that’s easy to use and intuitive. Go with something with a clean, user-friendly interface. It may not look flashy, but adding, organizing, and managing all your tasks will be a breeze.

  • Platform compatibility: Choose an app compatible with the platforms you use, whether that’s Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac. Also, compatibility with third-party solutions you frequently use is another huge advantage.

  • Customization: You want something that allows you to tailor various settings to your preferences and workflow. The more customization features, the better. However, don’t go with an app that offers too many options and makes the whole process confusing.

  • Data privacy and security: Always choose a solution prioritizing data privacy and security. Cyber safety is increasingly important daily, so ensure the app uses encryption and other security measures to protect your data.

  • Customer support: Choose an app with a good customer support system, including online help resources, email or chat support, and a knowledge base. That’ll allow you to seek help whenever you need it.

  • Reviews and ratings: Read reviews and ratings from other users to understand how the app performs in real-world use cases. Look for highly rated apps with lots of positive reviews.

Benefits of using AI task management apps

Naturally, the benefits of using these apps are numerous.

Since we can’t write about the countless advantages without end, we’ve decided to select only the biggest benefits and represent them below: 

  • Time savings: An AI task management app allows you to quickly automate routine tasks like sending reminders and updating task status. Once you no longer have to spend several extra minutes on various mundane tasks, your productivity will skyrocket. 

  • Improved productivity: AI task management apps can provide personalized recommendations and suggestions based on user behavior and data to help team members set goals and optimize their workflows, thus improving productivity in the office.

  • Better decision-making: AI task management apps use predictive analytics to forecast task completion times based on historical data. That allows users to plan their schedules more effectively and avoid overcommitting, ultimately leading to better decisions.

  • Enhanced collaboration: With the wide variety of useful features, teams can communicate more effectively and keep track of their goals better. Team task assignments, progress tracking, and commenting are just some examples.

  • Increased accountability: AI task management apps allow people to track their progress and hold themselves accountable for completing tasks on time. With such features, the entire team can stay motivated and focused on their goals for a significantly longer period.

  • Seamless integration: You can integrate task management tools with various other applications like calendar events and email. That way, your teams can centralize their workflows, which will allow them to manage tasks across different platforms, making for a smoother experience for everyone.

Cost of AI task management apps

The cost of AI task management apps can vary widely based on the different features and uses. You will have to decide for yourself whether a higher-tier option is worth the extra money, as some less expensive or even free tools offer plenty of great features. 

Here are some of the most common pricing models for AI task management software:

  • Free: Some companies offer a limited set of features for free. These apps may include advertisements or offer premium features for a fee. Although finding a high-quality free app for actual task management is fairly difficult, Ayanza is one outstanding example of such a solution.

  • Freemium: Many companies offer a freemium model for their AI task management tools, where users can access a basic set of features for free but must pay to access more advanced features. That way, businesses can attract more users, regardless of their budget.

  • Subscription: Some AI task management apps require a monthly or annual subscription fee to access all features. These fees can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per year, depending on the app.

  • One-time purchase: Other AI task management apps require a one-time purchase fee to access all features. Again, the purchase fees can vary significantly and depend on the specific business.

  • Enterprise pricing: Special pricing plans could apply to businesses and organizations. Enterprise plans typically include advanced features and additional support options that larger organizations often require.

Top 10 providers of AI task management apps

Although the market has numerous excellent solutions, here are our top 10 picks you’ll love.


Ayanza is the best choice if you are looking for an AI-based task management app and communication tool that provides users with a personalized task management experience.

ℹ️ About

The app uses AI algorithms to analyze user behavior and preferences and then suggests the most efficient way to complete tasks, increasing productivity, saving time, and leading to better decisions.

Time tracking, collaboration tools, and dashboards customizable by various themes are only some of the advanced features. The updated navigation brings a cleaner newsfeed, smooth task management experience, excellent workflow, and a robust commenting system that allows users to collaborate or edit simultaneously.

Besides that, Ayanza can assist with resource allocations, schedule suggestions, and time management, which helps project leaders create a perfect schedule for a meeting day or the whole week.

🛒 Marketplace: Ayanza is available on Android and iOS platforms.

💸 Pricing

  • Free: up to $50* per month 

  • Spaces: $8 per user per month 

  • Team Management: $8 per user per month 

  • Generative AI: $8 per user per month

*Choosing Ayanza will give you a $50 credit each month after you register and enter a credit card, and you can choose whether to include more users or opt for more features for the first $50.


2. Wrike


Wrike is a cloud-based app with a centralized platform where teams can work together on different projects, set and complete tasks, and determine project deadlines.

It provides features such as Gantt charts, time tracking, team collaboration, and reporting.

Wrike also integrates well with all the usual suspects like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Salesforce.

Marketplace: Android, iOS.

Pricing: Wrike has a free plan in place. It also has a Team plan for $9.80 per user/month, a Business plan for $24.80 per user/month, as well as Enterprise and Pinnacle plans with custom pricing models.

3. Mosaic


Mosaic offers a simplified task management experience, giving teams more time for essential tasks.

The app uses AI scheduling algorithms to automate repetitive tasks and prioritize important ones.

It also provides team collaboration, file sharing, and progress-tracking features.

Marketplace: Android, iOS.

Pricing: The Team plan at Mosaic costs $9.99 per user/month and the Business plan costs $14.99 per user/month. There’s also the Enterprise plan available with custom pricing.

4. Trevor AI


Trevor AI uses NLP to help users manage tasks. Users can add tasks using natural language commands, and the app will automatically categorize and prioritize them.

The app also provides features such as team collaboration, integrations with popular tools, and customizable dashboards.

Marketplace: Not available on Android and iOS.

Pricing: Trevor AI has a Free plan in place. There’s also the Pro plan for $3.99 if billed monthly or $29.99 if billed yearly.

5. FORM MarketX


FORM MarketX provides users with a platform to manage crucial task obligations and projects.

The app features the usual set of features you can find in most of the tools on this list – Gantt charts, time tracking, team collaboration, and reporting.

You can also get some extra functionality by integrating FORM MarketX with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Trello.

Marketplace: Not available on Android and iOS.

Pricing: FORM MarketX prices its services on the per-user and per-location model. There are Essentials, Premium, and Enterprise plans available. The starting price for the Essentials plan is $8,400 per year and it includes up to 20 licenses. All additional users cost $35 per user/month.

6. TimeHero


TimeHero uses its machine learning algorithm to automate task and project scheduling.

The app features time and progress tracking and allows for smooth team collaboration.

It also integrates with Trello and Asana, as well as Google Calendar.

Marketplace: Available just for Android on Google Play Store.

Pricing: There are three plans available at TimeHero. The Basic plan costs $4.60 per user/month. The Professional plan costs $10 per user/month. Finally, the Premium plan comes at $22 per user/month.

7. ClickUp


ClickUp is a bright and fully streamlined platform where team members can chat about their projects, set goals and reminders, and stay on top of their assignments.

You can use Gantt charts and time tracking to keep everyone on the team on the same page and create reports to track progress and see if anything needs to be improved.

It integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack.

Marketplace: Android, iOS.

Pricing: Besides the Free plan, ClickUp also offers the Unlimited plan at $5, the Business plan at $12, and the Business Plus plan at $19. All plans are priced on a per-member/per-month model. The Enterprise plan is also available with custom pricing.

8. Tara AI


Tara AI equips users with a platform to manage tasks and projects.

The app uses machine learning algorithms to automate essential task scheduling and prioritization.

While team collaboration and integrations with big-name apps are somewhat standard in any good task management app, what sets it apart from the competition are its highly customizable dashboards.

Marketplace: Not available on Android and iOS.

Pricing: In addition to the Free plan and the Enterprise plan with a custom pricing model, Tara AI offers the Co-Pilot plan for $8 and the Insights plan for $35 per contributor/month.

9. Asana


Asana is a cloud-based task management app featuring the usual spec sheet of time tracking, Gantt charts, team collaboration, and reporting.

The UX is quite intuitive, so it’s incredibly easy to get the hang of.

To top it all off, you can integrate it with Slack, Dropbox, and of course, everyone’s favorite – Google Drive.

Marketplace: Goople Play, App Store.

Pricing: Asana also has a free Basic plan. Paid users can choose between the Premium and the Business plan. The former plan costs $10.99 and the latter one costs $24.99 per user/month.

10. Trello


Trello has quite a vibrant and colorful look, making this visual platform a good choice for managing complex projects.

At the top of its feature list are its customizable boards that make team collaboration a lot more fun.

Of course, it also has most of the basic features you’ll find in any similar app.

It integrates with popular tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack.

Marketplace: Android, iOS.

Pricing: The Standard plan is $5, the Premium plan is $10, and the Enterprise plan is $17.50 per user/month. There’s also a Free plan available at Trello.


AI-powered task management apps like Ayanza have helped countless companies streamline their task management process and take some of the burden off their team leaders’ shoulders. These apps prioritize tasks based on how tight their deadlines are and schedule them for you. 

That way, you get to focus on the most urgent things earlier in the day or the week and deal with all the smaller tasks once all the heavy lifting is done.

This way, businesses use up fewer resources to finish tasks, and they can do so much faster without worrying about overlooking something important. When you use Ayanza in combination with human intelligence, it stimulates critical thinking and improves productivity, not only for a senior leader but anyone included in critical business operations.


How can AI help to reduce manual task management?

AI can help to reduce manual task management by automating routine tasks. It can also provide personalized recommendations and insights. Thanks to its features, such as natural language processing, automation, predictive analytics, collaboration, and integration, AI easily automates various routine tasks and makes manual task management a history.

What types of tasks can AI task management apps be used to manage?

AI task management apps can be used for a wide range of tasks, the most common ones being personal chores, managing emails and social media profiles, handling personal and business finances, and even things like event and travel planning.

What is the best AI app to track team tasks?

Ayanza is undoubtedly the best app with AI technology that allows you to track team tasks. With AI-powered task management, various collaboration tools, analytics, and reporting features, as well as the ability to create customizable workflows, Ayanza has everything you might need from a high-quality task management tool.