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May 24, 2023 by Samuel

Plant a Digital Garden

Digital garden is an online space where people share and cultivate their ideas.


  • Evergreen - start with a seed, cultivate, update, rewrite and make it relevant to your audience (in contrast to a blog or a book that start to decay right after publishing)

  • Densely linked - there are usually many links to related topics and ideas both internal and on public-facing, on the internet. Links simplify content and allow readers to dive in into interesting new areas or skip what they are already familiar with

  • Ideas over Design - gardens are usually created with no-code tools, focus is mostly on ideas and text itself, not the design (in contrast to fancy pages of well funded startups)

  • Learn in public - share your current understanding of concepts and allow others to learn from it

  • Build in public - share your work as you create it to get fast feedback and better final product in the end


Image explaining Digital Garden sweet spot by Maggie Appleton

Digital Gardens for Teams

The characteristics of digital gardens make them especially interesting for teams. What could a digital garden bring to your team?

  • Simple and effective way how express your ideas

  • Get the feedback before you build and lunch

  • Iterate your ideas and hypothesis in public

  • Reverse the communication back to domain experts instead of “experts on communication” (think product pages written by marketing agencies)

  • Save time and resources on the custom design and code - publish instantly, close the feedback loop with your users, community, thought leaders

  • capture your team progress in time, making it easy for others to join you on the journey as well as get the full context behind your goals and company direction

Ayanza as a Digital Garden for your Team

All the content you read at is in fact our digital garden. We trust the concept so much that we have switched from traditional landing pages and utilised Digital Garden instead. All of the content is created in our own Ayanza account.

Our users can create the same pages for their specific purposes and achieve no less than we do.

This switch has instantly changed Ayanza from a company that under-communicates our progress to what you see right now. We still want our content to be visually appealing and competitive - this creates a natural push on our design team: How can we become the best tool for Team Digital Gardens on the market?