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Mar 7, 2023 by Samuel

February 2023 at Ayanza

Welcome to the monthly Ayanza blog entry where we talk about our latest product updates, triumphs, challenges, and other news ⭐️! Ayanza is here to help you achieve your goals, support you along the way, and build healthy relationships with your team.

💻 Redesigned Spaces

In February we released a huge redesign of Ayanza spaces! 🚀 No more confusing presets. Just create a space and choose a view type. Simple as that!


Each space can contain multiple views, each view can have a separate filtering, sorting, and other configuration applied. ⚙️ You can also add multiple pages to each space.


🕑 Date and time properties

You can now customize the date format of your date properties. We also added a new property type — time tracker! It allows you to track the time spent working on a task, time spent on a meeting with a client, and so on.

🌅 Generate and position your cover images

Better cover images are coming to your notes and spaces! 2 amazing new features were added to Ayanza in this month:

  1. Use AI to generate images from text

  2. Change the position of cover images

🐙📆 Integrations

Ayanza now talks to both Github and Google Calendar!

Connect your Github account and sync Ayanza with your Github repository. Sync your Github issues and pull requests into Ayanza spaces and see your work in realtime.

We have also added Google Calendar integration to Ayanza. You can see your upcoming calendar events in your dashboard in the right sidebar.

📦 And more…

  • Export a database view as CSV

  • New Search engine indexing configuration for public spaces

  • Use an emoji as your organization logo

  • Add emoji reactions to comments (coming soon: comment replies)