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Jul 18, 2023 by Samuel

Internal Company Wiki

Building an internal knowledge hub can help foster internal alignment and productivity not only for the existing team but the new team members as well. Speed up your onboarding, ensure information doesn’t get lost, and streamline the processes.

Not sure where to start?

Here are a couple of topics you can include in your company wiki:

  • Onboarding information

  • Company goals and vision

  • Documentation

  • Employee directory

  • Product roadmap

  • Content calendar

  • Department pages

  • Brand guidelines

  • FAQ

  • Workflows and processes

  • Research wiki

  • Company policies

  • Coding style

  • Security practices

  • Step-by-step guides

  • HR information

  • Company calendar

  • Events calendar

  • Meeting agendas and notes

  • Partnership information

  • Links to active projects

  • Team photos

We see Internal Wikis as living organisms - they can and need to be updated as the company grows. If there’s a repetitive need for access to information from you or anyone in the team - it probably needs to be captured. Most likely, someone else from the company might find it useful too.

Having an internal wiki in Ayanza saves time - our stack of integrated features prevents you from switching the tools and saves mental energy from switching contexts.

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