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Mar 6, 2023 by Samuel

January 2023 at Ayanza

Welcome to the monthly Ayanza blog post where we talk about our newest updates, triumphs, challenges, and other updates ⭐️! Ayanza is here to help you achieve your goals, support you along the way, and build healthy relationships with your team.

Vision ➡️ Strategy ➡️ OKRs ➡️ Tasks ➡️ Rhythms

The new right panel is becoming the best place to start your day. All the most important things in a single place!


Different teams, different needs

It is easy to create a new space, note, or task through the big Create New button in the main navigation on the left (or the plus button in the bottom right corner on mobile). You can now also pin a database into this menu so it is even easier to create a new item directly in the database. For example, quickly create a new bug report. 🐛


Better Templates experience

There are three types of templates in Ayanza:

  • Space (typically a database)

  • Note (structure for your ideas)

Rhythm (e.g. Standup, daily at 9:00 am)


Visit Ayanza Templates to find something useful and share it with your friends 🤩. Not satisfied? Please, let us know what templates you would like to have. Inspired? Create something fabulous and share it ✨.

Visit Ayanza Templates

And more

  • A new marker in the OKRs progress bar shows where the results should be at the current day in the quarter.

  • We have created a brand new onboarding that trains users to Write with AI, Set OKRs, Manage tasks, and Write daily stand-ups.

  • Regular Discover Daily emails highlight the most engaging content in your organization.


A sneak peek into the near future

New improvements coming to Ayanza soon:

  • API to allow integrations with Zappier, Github, Pipedrive, etc.

  • Real-time tracking of OKRs + predefined metrics to choose from 

  • Improve the Activity log of your content and give you access to the version history

  • Make different content types instantly recognizable in the newsfeed

  • Newsfeed surveys (e.g., team barometer) and reports

  • Team templates (Sales, HR, Product, etc.)

To all new users

Thank you for trying Ayanza, and welcome to our community. We want to support everything you do so you consistently achieve your goals 🚀. We need your feedback: What’s already great about Ayanza? What improvements would make Ayanza better for you?

Here are a few ways how to get in touch with us:

Support Ayanza by leaving a review

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P.S.: It takes only a minute, registration on the platform does not involve any kind of email subscription.

Thank you and have a happy and productive day ☺️!
Team Ayanza