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Sep 28, 2023 by Peter



UK: /dɪˈplɔɪ/

US: /dɪˈplɔɪ/


What Is The Meaning Of Deployed?

Deployment refers to a process where software developers, security officials and app developers transfer particular changes into their production environment.

It involves activities such as configuration file updates, official approval for deployment of new versions or frequent deployments with continuous integration tools in order to reduce life cycle time between releases and save funds.


How To Use Deployed In A Sentence?

  1. The company deployed additional resources during the peak holiday season.

  2. He was asked by his boss to deploy an update on all systems before leaving work today. 

  3. The team has successfully deployed the application after two weeks.

  4. We need more people from the IT department if we want our project to be quickly deployed

  5. Before deploying any code change it needs to undergo extensive testing procedure first.



What is the purpose of deploying? 

The purpose is transferring specific changes made within development environments over into production environments so they can take effect there too.

What does project deployed mean? 

Project deployment usually means releasing developed applications which are ready now for usage by end users according to predefined rules, requirements and regulations. 

How can Ayanza help to make releases faster deployed? 

Ayanza helps coordinate tasks related to projects across teams like setting up approvals processes and creating release schedules for effective tracking of projects & ensuring that deadlines are met faster. 

How often should you do deployments?

This depends highly on each individual project but generally speaking most organizations opt for either weekly or continuous (daily/hourly). 

What translations exist around 'deploy'? 

Apart from English language other languages have different words used when referring to movements during the software development life cycle processes like déploiement in French、部署佈置in Chinese、配備展開 Japanese etc.