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Sep 28, 2023 by Peter

Link Up


UK: /lɪŋk ˈʌp/

US: /lɪŋk ˈʌp/


What Does Link Up Mean?

The definition of link up refers to connection of 2 or more things. For example, if you link up your computer to a printer. You can also link up with people. If you link up with someone, you meet or reunite with them.

In business, companies often link up to form partnerships. This involves collaborating on a project or distributing resources among each other. Additionally, the term link can be used more broadly when connecting two things; this could look like finding commonalities between ideas and forming an association with them.


How To Use Link Up In A Sentence?

  1. Consumers can link up their past purchases with a review of the product on our website for exclusive rewards.

  2. Our team has recently updated the rules for subscribers who are looking to link up through social platforms.

  3. My subscribers were able to link up the months in my report by following a set of rules I provided them with.

  4. We've been able to link up consecutive months of successful sales growth for the first time in our company's history!

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What Everything Can I Link Up In Ayanza?

There are a few things that you can link up in Ayanza to allow for better, smoother customer experience. For example, you can link up different documents or people together, link tasks to people, link videos and images to your notes, or link objectives to deadlines. By linking up deadlines, you can make sure that everyone is aware of when things are due and that they are working towards meeting those deadlines. This can help to keep the projects moving forward and prevent any delays.