Explore the latest company news, interact with your colleagues & share thoughts.

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You Will Know What Is Happening Across The Whole Company

Your Team Members Will Be More Engaged & Connected

Recognition Will Become A Regular Practice

What can Newsfeed bring to your company?

You Have A Great Overview

Newsfeed shows you what other teams & colleagues work on. You therefore get the sense of current company direction & priorities.

Supporting Recognition

Engagement & recognition in team matters as it enables growth & better performance. Newsfeed is the best place for it.

You Always Know Whatโ€™s Up

Company newsfeed creates an opportunity to share crucial updates & information. It replaces email newsletters or social media.

Magical Interactions

Share your thoughts with colleagues, get feedback & new insights, let others interact with what you create.

Real-time Progress

You see what your team members work on in real-time and how they progress. You can direct their work whenever necessary.

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