Set a clear direction and aspiring goals to guide your work.

Objectives answer the crucial question that each top-performing organization must have figured out: “What do we aim for?“


Although having an end goal in mind is no guarantee that you’ll reach it, not having an end goal is a guarantee you won’t.
If you don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish or what’s important to you, you have no idea whether you are doing the right thing
People without objectives are much more likely to get overwhelmed into inaction.
Automatic Progress Measurement
No one likes to update the progress on OKRs manually. What if all your key results were updated automatically? Bring your key workflows (deals, signups, hires, campaigns, purchases…) to Ayanza, connect them with your OKRs, and see the magic for yourself.
Tasks and Objectives
Link tasks to the objectives:
1. It becomes clear how each Task contributes to the broader goals
2. People are more likely to take ownership of their tasks when they understand how their work directly impacts the success of the organization
High-level Company Alignment
Strategy, Objectives, and Metrics right next to each other.
  • Strategy for setting the company direction
  • Objectives for goal-setting
  • Metrics for progress measurement

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