Team Spaces

Create and access your team’s knowledge wherever you go. 

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Just type ideas into the Newsfeed, and Ayanza will ensure your content is organized and easily accessible when you or your team need it again.

Spaces for all the content

Spaces are containers for all documents and databases you ever wanted to have. Can be structured as a hierarchy (sub-spaces, sub-sub-spaces) with an infinite capacity. Powerful search always finds all your team docs.

A Single Place For Everything

The platform captures all the notes, database items, tasks, and updates.

Transparency & Security

Share with all by default. Set granular permission whenever the situation demands it.

Databases For Any Needs

Ayanza Spaces can contain databases of items and show them in various views. Excel-like Lists and tables. Kanban for processes. Gant-chart for projects. Gallery for blog articles. Enjoy absolute freedom and flexibility.

Manage everything from tasks, customers, meetings, or off-site trips. The possibilities are endless.

Teams Structure For Clarity

Structure your company into teams and sub-teams. Every team is unique in its members, its newsfeed, and its own spaces.

Yet Ayanza Connects Teams Together

  • Global Newsfeed

  • Distributed Vision & OKRs

  • Shared Tasks

  • Rhythms for everybody

Share Publicly

You can publish a Space for anyone to read online. Share your thoughts and open discussions with anyone on the internet.

Send the link to your space to your friends or social network. Share your knowledge, create a blog with posts, or build your whole company’s website with Ayanza.

The page you are reading is a publicly shared Ayanza “Space”


See examples of how it might look like.

Company Wiki 🌟

IT Documentation 🖥️

Sales Database 📙

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