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Jan 9, 2024

Creative AI Project Management Software Tools You Need In 2024

Creative AI project management software is essential to your organizational workflows, regardless of your business type – even more so if we’re talking about running a creative team working on a wide range of projects. 

Creative team members need a centralized interface for tapping into communications with external collaborators, facilitating approvals and proofing, consolidating workflows, tracking feedback to improve decision-making, and collaborating on unlimited projects.

The outstanding amount of files and documents exchanged between creative team members, project managers, and clients can feel quite overwhelming. That’s where AI project management software for creatives comes into the picture. 

The best creative AI project management software is a serious investment for creative teams because it gives them access to top-grade AI-powered features to empower better handling of all aspects of creative project management.

With that in mind, let’s define AI project management software for creative teams and their benefits, and list the best tools you should check out in 2024.

What is creative AI project management software?

The best AI project management software for creatives is an AI-powered tool with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies incorporated into it. Your creative team can use the tool like an AI-powered assistant to unlock advanced project management functionality.

How does AI project management software for creatives work?

The best AI project management software for creative teams offers powerful features to creatives to help them collaborate on complex projects. AI-based project management tools do exactly what their name suggests – improve the project management process to help creative teams deliver projects on time. 

They help users define project goals in real-time, tap into predictive analytics, share files, harness the power of workflow automation, improve resource management, and collaborate with clients through effective communication.

Top AI-powered creative project management tools provide actionable insights into project performance and can help unlimited users automate repetitive tasks to enhance creativity, improve productivity, and increase operational efficiency. 

Whether you need to create content for social media networks or promote your designs on numerous communication channels online, creative AI project management tools automate and streamline time-consuming tasks, allowing your team to shift focus on high-value assignments. 

For example, content writers can tap into AI-enabled content generation to enhance content management across various communication platforms and automate every routine task possible, such as crafting initial drafts, generating optic ideas, and grammar checking. 

On the other hand, designers can count on AI tools for project management to optimize the user experience for clients, suggest layouts, create prototypes, etc. The possibilities and applications for AI project management tools for creatives are astounding. 

Aside from automation and efficiency, AI project management tools for creative teams also help creatives unlock the power of accurate data analysis and insights. Since artificial intelligence can gather and analyze vast amounts of data promptly, it can provide a creative team with accurate real-time insights to empower their decision-making. 

Thanks to that, creatives can reap a few advantages. First, they can analyze client engagement and visual content performance to tailor their strategies accordingly. Then, they can refine their designs with innovation by collecting and analyzing client feedback.

In addition, a creative AI project management app can help your creative team enable personalization at scale, allowing creatives to custom-tailor their services and designs to client preferences. 

Understanding users’ needs is paramount to delivering personalized user experiences and crafting content that can enhance conversions and engagement by resonating with your clients. Creative AI project management systems aren’t here to replace your creativity but to enhance it. 

They help you leverage the power of generative AI to develop innovative and unique design ideas, generate inspiration, explore new creative styles, tap into creative problem-solving, and launch market-disturbing solutions that can reshape the creative industry.

Benefits of creative AI project management tools

There are so many different creative AI project management platform solutions for creative teams out there. Each tool is unique, with advanced features that can benefit your creative team in various ways.

Let’s look at how creatives can benefit from efficient project management tools with AI functionality.

File sharing and document tracking

AI-powered project management tools help creatives share project-relevant files with their clients and other team members. They can also track documents (think website design, ads, etc.) throughout the project lifecycle, from an individual teammate to the client who approves the project.

Approvals and proofing

AI project management tools for creative teams come with built-in approval and proofing functionality to allow creative project teams to gather intelligence, analytics, and feedback to provide this data in one central location. 

Thanks to that, they can stay ahead of the status of the project by getting real-time visibility into project progress without the need to shift between different apps, like Skype, email, Slack, etc.

Centralized real-time communication and effective collaboration

AI project management tools for creatives allow you to centralize communication among team members and gain real-time visibility into every conversation between your teammates and clients. Real-time communication platforms are paramount to enhancing the creative process and improving team collaboration. 

Thankfully, AI project management solutions for creatives come with integrated comments and chat functionality that enables teammates to communicate ongoing project management tasks, track project progress, share a real-time update on the latest events, and seamlessly move through the project timeline. 

Thanks to that, your creative team can establish an effective collaboration, check team availability, establish an automated check-in process, share and gather business intelligence, and more.

External users

Creative teams usually cooperate with external clients to develop visual materials according to their requirements and specific needs. AI project management tools for creatives allow external third parties to connect to the project management system swiftly, receive the latest status update, and track the progress. 

Clients can rely on this client-centric workflow functionality to actively participate in project planning and save valuable time and resources. On the other hand, creatives can provide an accurate prediction of the expected deadline to help their clients make an informed decision and plan accordingly. 

In addition, clients won’t have to ask about the project status since they can choose between multiple timeline views in the project management platform.

Features for time tracking

Effective time management is crucial to successful project management and resource allocation. Your creative team must understand time to plan the resources for the project at hand properly. 

AI creative project tools help creative teams track time effectively to identify the most time-consuming tasks and adjust their approach accordingly. 

Time tracking is also paramount for billing management as it helps creatives bill time by client and make every billable hour count.

Creative software integrations

When selecting the best creative AI project management tool for your team, think about the individual needs of your team members. Opt for a tool that can seamlessly integrate with the solutions they are familiar with and love using. 

That will ensure your team and creative organization reap numerous benefits, such as:

  • Increased efficiency – automate every repetitive task to save resources and time;

  • Boosted accuracy – improve decision-making by tapping into high-end data analysis, improving outcomes, and reducing errors;

  • Accurate data analysis – gather and process vast amounts of business intelligence to drive actionable insights into client engagement, content strategies, and marketing campaigns;

  • Enhanced personalization – improve conversion rates and client experiences by tailoring products and services to individual prospects;

  • Marketing automation capability – streamline tasks like social media posts, content creation, and email campaigns by tapping into strategy AI power-up to get innovative marketing ideas and content suggestions;

  • Competitive analysis – keep an eye on your competitors and monitor their strategies and top-ranking campaigns to refine your marketing approach and attract more clients;

  • Virtual assistant – use your creative AI project management solution as a collaboration tool to provide virtual assistance to your creative team, including competitor analytics, content suggestions, and more;

  • Client insights – get valuable insights into client journeys and behaviors to adjust your creative approach accordingly;

  • Content creation – a creative AI task manager can help your teammates create top product descriptions, high-quality videos, personalized campaigns, etc.;

  • SEO optimization – AI can help your creative business increase online visibility and searchability across the leading search engines by analyzing keyword density and suggesting SEO-optimized content.

How to choose the best creative AI project management software

Though many creative teams still have doubts about adopting creative AI project management software solutions, these tools can help your organization accomplish multiple goals. 

It all comes down to selecting the right solution that can help your creative team improve their project management efforts. 

Here are a few considerations when making an informed decision.

  1. Robust features

Think about the built-in features you need from project management software. The goal of adopting this type of software is to improve daily operations and automate repetitive processes to streamline your project, task, and team management efforts.

  1. Product development

Creative teams need effective tools that can improve their work and immediately provide the desired outcomes. Look for a creative AI project management tool to help your team achieve better results, increase client engagement, enhance efficiency, and make more informed decisions. 

AI tools for project management have come a long way since their initial product development stage. Today, you have incredibly advanced tools with immense capabilities that can do wonders for your creative organization and client relationships. Also, if you are a lawyer, you should look for legal project management software, meaning you should specify your research based on your profession.

  1. Ease of use

Though AI tools come with user-friendly interfaces, simple navigation, and customizable workflows, there’s still some learning curve involved. Therefore, opt for a solution that can easily tackle the essential creative tasks without extensive training. Check the usability of the software solution before investing.

  1. Pricing plans

Finally, consider your budget to plan your resources according to available prices for AI tools. Shop around for the best tool by comparing prices, functionalities, and additional features between multiple software providers. 

Contact the best providers and schedule demos to tap into their pricing structures and ascertain what you get for your money. The best creative AI tools, like Ayanza, offer free trials so you can test the tool’s basic features and see how it matches your needs.

AI project management tool for creatives to use: Ayanza


Best for automating creative project management workflows.

Ayanza is a creative AI project management, task organization, and time orchestration software solution focused on improving team collaboration and communication. This easy-to-use tool is packed with AI-powered features and project templates your creative team can rely on to stay in contact with clients, project managers, team leaders, and other team members.


✨ Key features for creative project management

  • AI brainstorming;

  • AI reporting;

  • AI chatbot;

  • AI content writing;

  • AI notetaking;

  • AI summarization;

  • Grammar and spelling AI;

  • AI prompts and answers;

  • AI collaborative workspaces;

  • Newsfeed.

💸 Pricing

Free – $0 for up to 5 team members and 200 docs;

Pricing starts at $6 per user per month, and there are custom pricing options.



Can users customize the AI algorithms of the best AI project management software for creative teams to align with their specific creative processes?

Yes, they can. However, they’ll need extensive training data to train AI and machine learning algorithms to match their creative processes and produce the desired outcomes. Though training AI algorithms solely depends on vast amounts of historical project-related data, it’s possible to train your AI tool to do exactly what you need it to do.

Does the creative AI project management software offer any analytics or reporting features related to the creative aspects of project management?

Yes, AI project tools for creatives come with advanced data analytics and automated reporting to help creative teams collect feedback and data on clients, teammates, and competitors. They can centralize all project-relevant data and client insights into a single source of truth to improve decision-making.