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10 Best Daily Standup Software Tools in 2024

A daily stand-up meeting or a daily standup scrum provides an excellent way for larger teams to save time and effort in handling project-related tasks. It allows remote teams to tap into the best daily workflows to meet deadlines and fulfill project goals. 

In addition, daily stand-ups empower agile teams to share real-time status updates across popular communication channels and keep everyone in the loop. The best practice is to harness the power of asynchronous standup meetings to improve team communication, provide an efficient and quick way to get all your employees on the same page and remove blockers that might prevent effective project management. 

Daily meetings should be quick (5-15 minutes), relevant, and concise. The goal is to increase efficiency and do more with less at the end of the month. With that in mind, this article will provide insights into daily standups, how they work, and why they’re effective. You’ll also find insightful overviews of the best daily standup software tools for development teams and team leaders.

What is a daily standup tool?

Daily standup software can be any digital solution that helps automate daily async standups. Most project management tools include daily stand-up templates and task management features to help your team members handle current tasks more efficiently.

How do daily standup tools work?

Top tools for standups help streamline daily meetings to make your team more productive. They provide virtual environments where teams can hold meetings asynchronously and share real-time meeting notes. 

The best daily standup tools empower your entire team to quickly and reliably update every member with the current status. During recurring daily stand-up meetings, each employee shares their daily update by answering a series of short standup questions. 

They can talk about daily activities and current tasks they’re working on, and they can mention potential blockers that might interfere with their task management efforts. 

Key features of effective daily standup apps

A daily standup notes tool is only as effective as the features it offers. Here are the essential functionalities to look for in daily standup software:

  • Automation – set recurring tasks to automate routines for weekly meetings and daily standups;

  • AI task manager – allows you to divide projects into recurring tasks for easier status tracking;

  • Daily standup meeting templates – tap into various templates for meeting notes, daily scrum meetings, daily standups, 1:1 meetings, daily reflections, etc.;

  • Calendar view – use a content calendar template to streamline social media marketing efforts, set reminders for all daily tasks to accomplish a common goal and enhance team performance on a daily, weekly, and monthly level;

  • AI note taker and advanced goal tracking – organize your notes and goals daily to keep track of all actionable tasks in your organization;

  • AI-powered bots – harness the power of AI-powered asynchronous communication to gather team feedback and daily updates on team mood, morale, productivity, and engagement;

  • APIs – customize daily standup virtual environments with personalized features;

  • OKR tracking – track Objective and Key Results to assess team collaboration efforts across projects and improve performance;

  • Insights on participation – send meeting reminders to remote employees to increase attendance and engagement;

  • Check-ins – prompt specific teammates to send you daily updates on demand.

How to choose the best daily standup tool

How do you know which standup tool is best for your team? This is a good question. Each tool is unique in terms of the features it offers. Therefore, you should look into your project and task management needs.

You need a solution compatible with the tools in your tech stack. Look for a daily standup solution with integrations for communication, AI project management, and collaboration platforms you use. Compare integration options to select a solution that will help you improve your agile workflows.

Think about your team’s needs and goals. Aside from automating as many routine tasks as possible, consider essential features that could make your scrum team more productive and effective. Consider the problems, issues, and distractions that may prevent your team from achieving top performance and look for a solution that removes these obstacles. 

On the other hand, time is everything in the corporate world. So, opt for a solution with standup reporting and tracking. Though it is best to select a tool with as many features as possible, your budget will ultimately determine the software quality.

Benefits of using remote standup software

Daily standup apps can benefit your team and organization in various ways.

1. Streamline team collaboration and alignment

A daily standup tool helps you ensure all team members are on the same page by gathering updates to ensure projects run smoothly.

2. Reduce roadblocks 

Detect potential blockers early on and empower your employees to solve problems before they affect individual workflows to ensure maximum uptime.

3. Improve team communication 

Daily meetings help your team members bond and create meaningful connections that motivate them to communicate on projects and related tasks.

4. Better task tracking 

Improve team accountability by collecting updates on the individual progress of your teammates and keeping track of tasks to bring scrum and agile teams together.

5. Increase focus on common goals and priorities

Handling large projects can quickly become overwhelming for your employees. When that happens, they’ll hardly be able to meet deadlines. An online daily standup tool can prevent this by outlining daily goals and priorities and keeping individual workflows up-to-date.

6. Boost employee motivation and morale

In a modern-day business landscape, remote work has become the norm across industries worldwide. Standups, whether remote or in-person, help your employees feel like they’re part of something unique. A daily standup tool can turn every meeting into an enjoyable team-building experience.

7. Shorten meeting time

Standups help you review daily updates in less than 15 minutes. Since they are so short, explosive, and hyper-focused, they can help you have fewer meetings overall. That will leave your remote workers and team members with more time on their hands which they can spend on current tasks.

8. Gather actionable insights on project status and progress

Daily standup tools can help you keep your entire team in the loop by providing daily updates, making it more convenient for everyone to see their responsibilities within the project timeline.

Costs of daily standup software

When it comes to daily standup software pricing, the cost of such solutions is actually quite affordable. Since these tools aren’t trending, many organizations oversee the benefits of daily standup tools. 

Regarding the cost, most software providers offer free trials that allow you to test their services for free (Ayanza). On the other hand, prices range from 1.50$-$50, depending on the number of features you choose to use.

Top 10 providers of useful daily standup tools


Essentially, the Ayanza platform brings you a powerful combo of project management, team collaboration, and AI features to improve your team’s task management performance and work efficiency. 

The AI platform helps you streamline daily tasks with streamlined workflows and effortless actions. Ayanza improves daily meetings with direct messaging, public chats, built-in chat editors, and private team groups. 

Whether you need fresh ideas, new content, or just an interactive virtual environment to keep track of project progress, Ayanza does it all and then some. In addition, it keeps your entire team up-to-date with custom reporting and brainstorming.

How do daily standups work in Ayanza?

Ayanza helps you improve your daily standup efforts by offering several channels to match your meeting needs. For example, you can tap into daily standup templates like Daily Notes, Daily Summary, and Daily Standup to save time and streamline your work. 

The Tasks channel helps you harness the power of cross-team collaboration to view active tasks, manage all tasks from one place, and track progress status. Finally, the Daily Prep feature allows you to outline current and past tasks to assess past efforts and determine the best way forward.

Key features:

  • Chat – add teammates to private groups, send chat messages, and receive notifications on the latest updates;

  • Notes – take notes during daily standups, share them with your team, schedule notes to improve engagement, and tap into user-friendly notebook management to keep all project updates in one place;

  • Projects – streamline project management with simplified workflows, enhanced task editing, table visualizations, and OKRs;

  • Team wiki – keep your entire organization in the loop with shareable databases and access to the team wiki.

💸 Pricing

  • Free for up to five members of your team or up to the first 200 docs;

  • Premium pricing starts at $6 per user per month.

Work At Your Best Energy Level-Ayanza.png

2. Jell



Jell is an excellent option for automating daily standup meetings in MS Teams and Slack. In addition to being a reliable daily standup app solution, Jell is also a perfect option for OKRs and task management. 

The tool allows you to divide projects into smaller tasks, set common goals, determine priorities, share updates, and track your performance. In addition, Jell supports top integration options, including Jira, Trello, GitHub, Slack, etc. 

Key features:

  • Track OKRs – share individual tasks and common goals with your team and track performance across multiple communication channels;

  • Set meeting frequency – set your meeting frequency according to your unique needs and send timely reminders to the rest of your team;

  • Check-ins – gather feedback from specific teammates on demand and request unique metrics to track individual progress;

  • Change view – choose the best view for tracking your team’s performance and accomplishments over predetermined periods.


  • Jell's pricing starts at $4 per user per month.

3. Dailybot



Dailybot reduces your meeting time with ultra-fast check-ins, shareable retrospectives, and daily standups. You can share updates with your team via two communication channels like email and daily chat.

Aside from helping you streamline daily standups, Dailybot can improve team communication, collaboration, and alignment with integrations for Google Chat, MS Teams, Trello, Jira, Zapier, Slack, etc. 

Dailybot also gives you access to a built-in chatbot to run agile scrums, track team performance, and share updates automatically.

Key features:

  • Unified team view – connect your team members and bring all projects under one platform to get a centralized view of all individual and team workflows;

  • Team boards – promote team positivity with rewards, activities, kudos, and mood surveys;

  • Chatbot – gather feedback and share reports via email or chat.


  • Dailybot’s pricing starts at $2.50 per month per user.

4. Standuply



Standuply is essentially a project management platform and agile development assistant that you can use to organize daily standups, including weekly and monthly meetings. 

The tool provides an array of automation features and access to an always up-to-date FAQ-based knowledge base where you can accumulate project-related insights. 

Since Standuply integrates with solutions like MS Teams and Slack, this tool is ideal for handling standup meeting needs without disrupting daily workflows.

Key features:

  • Team collaboration – connect your teams and automate meeting processes to save time through Q&As;

  • Agile automation – automate your Agile workflow with daily standup surveys;

  • Multi-channel communication – share meeting notes, updates, reminders, and team feedback via video, voice, and text.


  • Free – $0 for up to three users;

  • Standuply’s pricing starts at $5 per user per month.

5. Polly



If you prefer working with survey and poll workflows, Polly is an excellent solution for your team. It allows you to hold daily standups via Slack integration. 

In addition, Polly can handle a wide range of operations, from employee onboarding and IT help desk to feedback collection, team suggestions, question options, and Slack-native direct messaging.

Key features:

  • Polls and surveys – improve team engagement and collaboration with surveys and polls;

  • Polly templates – tap into the Polly template library to gather feedback and team data;

  • Visual reports – visualize report data to gather poll results in one place and prepare data for download;

  • Slack integration – improve team communication with different Slack channels.


  • Free – $0;

  • Polly’s pricing starts at $49 per user per month (up to three months).

6. ScrumGenius



ScrumGenius is a daily standup software solution that empowers your organization to organize productive and swift daily standup scrums in Slack. ScrumGenius is also one of the rare standup apps that supports Cisco Webex integration. 

Your team can rely on ScrumGenius to share status reports with other teammates, run quick check-ins, and take team collaboration to the next level with improved decision-making.

Key features:

  • MS Teams/Slack check-ins – increase team engagement with timely check-ins and status reports;

  • Multiple integrations – handle daily standups, team collaboration, and project management via Azure DevOps, Asana, Github, and other platforms;

  • ScrumGenius insights – get a centralized view of your team performance to track tasks and measure progress.


  • ScrumGenius’s pricing starts at $3 per user per month.

7. ClickUp


ClickUp is an all-encompassing solution for enterprises of all sizes and shapes. The ClickUp platform brings project management, team collaboration, daily meetings, time orchestration, and note-taking under one roof.

If you’re managing several remote teams, ClickUp is the perfect solution for sharing roadblocks and individual updates in daily standups. ClickUp can operate as a corporate scheduler, task manager, and project management tool all in one. 

It empowers your organization to handle daily standups, gather feedback, schedule tasks, automate workflows, and take team productivity to the next level.

Key features:

  • Automation – automate as many workflows and task reminders as possible to save time, effort, and resources;

  • Task scheduler – schedule recurring tasks and share updates with your team during standup meetings;

  • ClickUp templates – seamlessly switch between various meeting formats;

  • Calendar view – improve task management by mapping out all tasks using a customizable Calendar view;

  • Notepad – keep all meeting-related notes in one place.


  • Free – free forever;

  • ClickUp’s pricing starts at $5 per user per month.

8. Geekbot



If you’re a Slack user, Geekbot is an excellent daily standup tool for you and your team. The tool gives you top-grade AI-powered features for gathering team insights and analyzing morale, productivity, and engagement. 

Aside from Slack and MS Teams integrations, you can use the Geekbot API to develop custom-tailored features. In addition, Geekbot helps you save time, effort, and resources by automating reports and daily team updates.

Key features:

  • Centralized Slack channel – keep team communication in one place;

  • Notification system – allow your team members to answer standup questions asynchronous at a convenient time;

  • Send reminders – remind meeting participants of their individual responsibilities;

  • Searchable history base – keep all scrum-related data in a searchable, always accessible history database.


  • Free – $0 for up to 10 users;

  • Geekbot’s pricing starts at $2.50 per month per user. 

9. Range



Range is a fantastic solution for planning daily standup meetings and sharing updates with your team. It helps you keep your team aligned with the latest project-related developments. Range offers a fine selection of integration options, including a Chrome extension that allows you to add any web page to your daily meeting workflows.

With the Range app, you can seamlessly switch back and forth between real-time meetings and asynchronous daily standups, share check-ins on the go, keep track of current tasks, and monitor your team’s goals.

Key features:

  • Async communication – reduce meeting time by adopting an asynchronous daily standup meeting format;

  • Standup Q&A – keep a record of standup questions;

  • Prompt customization – custom-tailor check-ins and prompts according to your team's needs.


  • Free – $0;

  • Range’s pricing starts at $8 per month per user.

10. Tatsu



Tatsu is an excellent option if your team needs a straightforward, user-friendly standup tool. Tatsu lets users run asynchronous meetings in Slack, set recurring tasks, and organize daily scrums with a few clicks. The tool integrates with Slack and provides an interactive virtual environment where your team can thrive and prosper.

Key features:

  • Chat assistant – create meeting questionnaires and send notifications to team members via the Tatsu chat assistant;

  • Meeting customization – customize meeting questions according to your team’s preferences;

  • Email reporting – send reports via email to your team members at the end of each meeting;

  • Participant rotation – rotate team members according to your project needs to save time.


  • Tatsu’s pricing starts at $1 per user.


Suppose you’re spending too much time on daily scrums. In that case, the solutions we listed here can help you streamline the entire process and automate as many workflows as possible to improve productivity.

A daily standup tool is an excellent way to level up team collaboration, project management, and task orchestration efforts while saving time and resources. 

Get rid of the time-consuming, mundane processes and embrace the automated workflows for moving projects forward, meeting deadlines, sharing feedback, and keeping your team in the loop.

Work At Your Best Energy Level-Ayanza.png


Is there a mobile app available to take daily standup notes?

Ayanza offers a mobile daily standup app for iPad and iPhone that you can download from the App Store for free. Same for Android users.

Can a daily standup software generate reports or summaries?

Every tool mentioned in our list provides advanced reporting tools and functionalities you can customize further according to your needs. For example, Ayanza uses an AI-powered writer to brainstorm ideas, write project summaries, and create business content.

How can daily standup tools facilitate transparency within a team?

Daily standup tools unite teams by creating virtual spaces with unique communication channels. Team members can keep track of individual progress, get insights into what others are doing, view past accomplishments, access the team database in real-time, and more.

Can an online daily standup tool be customized to fit our team’s specific needs?

This article outlines online daily standup tools that integrate seamlessly with leading solutions like Slack, Zapier, Google Chat, Trello, MS Teams, Jira, Outlook, etc.