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Jan 26, 2024

Best AI Prompts in 2024: 100+ Text Examples

Artificial intelligence is rapidly growing, with numerous new applications and chatbots surfacing daily, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot, etc. 

Nowadays, we can understand precisely how artificial intelligence chatbots work and create powerful prompts to make our daily lives much more manageable. That means we can better utilize artificial intelligence chatbots and make the most of this powerful phenomenon.

Today, we’ll go over AI prompts, what they are, and how they function. We’ll cover how AIs generally work and how their natural language processing (NLP) models are used for AI prompts.

These elements are vital to the existence of AI, and today, we’ll provide examples to help you comprehend the story behind artificial intelligence and its workings.

What are AI prompts?

AI prompts are text-based instructions for guiding and telling artificial intelligence chatbots how to do something or how we want it done. The shorter and more clear the AI prompt, the better.

Using AI prompts doesn’t require much skill – you only need to change smaller parts of the prompts to adjust them to your or your company’s needs. Once you get the hang of AI prompts, you can create a perfect prompt that will give you amazing outputs, and you’ll then be able to feel the true power of AI.

These prompts can also cover a variety of situations, including various business industries, such as marketing, HR, sales, etc. Moreover, AI prompts can also be created for general life situations, such as creating a recipe, writing a poem, helping a student with homework, learning how to code, etc.

What are AI prompt ideas?

AI prompt ideas can include thousands of items or tasks you wish the AI to complete. These can range from creating custom recipes to match what you currently have in your refrigerator to creating complex and otherwise tricky applications in various programming languages.

Some examples include:

  • “Write me a short story about a prince that slew the dragon and saved the princess.”

  • “Make me a dialogue between two HR employees discussing a company party.”

  • “Tell me about exercise I can do to reduce stomach fat.”

  • “Help me with the following coding problem: … .”

  • “Tell me what I could make from the following ingredients: … .”

Millions of ideas and whatever you can think of can be turned into AI prompts that someone can later use. They’re often made with prompt engineering and a deep understanding of the natural language processing that AIs use and then put in AI prompt libraries for others to use.

How do AI prompts work?

AI prompts make using AI chatbots much easier. They count on AI’s natural language processing model and work with it. These prompts give you an excellent starting point, which you can use as is or modify to your needs to create a wide range of outputs and content.

An AI chatbot such as ChatGPT will break down an AI prompt and the entire sentence into constituent parts and predict what can come next after these words or phrases. And since AI prompts are created to complement this way of functioning, they’re great at getting impressive output from AI models.

Of course, you can also try prompt generators and see whether these work for you. Depending on the generator you’re using, your prompts might be more or less straightforward and optimized to work with powerful AI chatbots.

Challenges of AI prompts

Effectively using artificial intelligence models without pre-made AI prompts is anything but easy. You can’t simply input blocks of text and expect the AI model to understand and handle everything for you. Things are a bit more complicated than that.

Getting original outputs can be challenging in anything more than simple language since AI’s output is based on language patterns and word association. They’re trained to recognize patterns and give solutions with words that naturally follow the ones you typed.

Think of it this way – if you gave an AI a prompt to finish the sentence “the quick brown fox…”, the AI would always add “jumps over the lazy dog.” Unless you specified that you wanted something other than that, it would end this way. That’s because this is one of the most common sentences in English, and since AIs write words that usually follow a given word, this is how they create content.

Moreover, creating AI prompts for every single situation is impossible. However, new AI prompts are constantly being added to libraries, covering more and more of what we could need in our daily lives.

How to use the AI prompts in the best way

To efficiently use AI prompts, you must create an explicit instruction set that the AI model can understand. Effective prompts usually have short instructions written in a style ChatGPT or other AI solutions can read and process.

You can utilize existing AI prompts, add details that concern you or your company, and let the prompt do the rest. These AI prompts are already tried and tested and don’t require significant additional input.

Don’t overcomplicate it or add too many words or too much detail. The simpler it is, the better it will work. Since you can continue asking the AI model to rephrase or repurpose content, it’s effortless to add additional features or elements later.

Use cases of using AI prompts

AI prompts are an incredible pre-built tool for businesses. Namely, business leaders and employees of all levels inside all sorts of companies can use AI prompts to develop better company strategies and solutions and get ideas to take the company to the next level. That’s because AI prompts can be used in various fields:

  • Writing – Whether you need creative writing or content creation tasks done, writers can utilize powerful AI engines and pre-made AI prompts to enhance their writing or get ideas for their next project.

  • Social Media & Blogs – Using an AI prompt for social media pages can give you excellent post descriptions, improve the content creation process no matter the content theme, and take your social media posts to the next level. Moreover, If you give the AI prompt a blog post topic, it can provide you with a catchy title or even create an entire blog post mockup.

  • Marketing & Advertising – Marketing teams can use pre-built AI prompts to generate multiple product or marketing ideas simultaneously, which you can then sort through and choose the best one. Moreover, regardless of your advertising objectives, AI prompts can help you out and provide you with excellent advertising offerings, even in your preferred advertising formats.

  • HR – Human Resources employees can use AI prompts to make useful questionnaires, get ideas for improvements or company parties, create great interview questions for newcomers, or develop excellent training guides for existing employees.

  • Sales – Sales employees can handle copywriting tasks such as emails, product descriptions, and titles. Moreover, managers can use AI prompts to help their employees and provide feedback.

Remember that these are only a few areas where AI prompts can be brilliant, but they’re not the only ones. For example, A CEO can prompt an AI tool to add additional features to an existing product. That can create a better product, and the CEO can then communicate with the entire marketing, development, and sales teams.

Benefits of using AI prompts

Utilizing pre-made and custom-built AI prompts can bring several benefits, regardless of company type, position, or title. Here are a few of them:

  • Time-saving – As you use already created and ready-to-go AI prompts, you save valuable time instead of thinking up detailed prompts. Moreover, they get you a quick response tailored to your needs.

  • Customizable – These prompts are created with customizability in mind and often have areas you need to change up to fit your or your company’s needs. That makes AI prompts incredibly customizable and adaptable to different jobs and companies.

  • High-quality – AI prompts often use a simple prompt that a natural language processing model can easily understand. You’ll be getting a valuable content piece and a quality output that you can use.

  • Consistent – Since they’re created with prompt engineering and use millions of ideas, these AI prompts are constant throughout different jobs and companies. They will prompt AI models to give you consistent answers, too.

100+ Best Ayanza AI prompts

To try AI prompts and see whether they work for you, you can use Ayanza’s pre-built library of over a hundred ready-to-use AI prompts for all kinds of companies and many different-level employees. 

Moreover, these pre-built AI prompts cover a wide range of business aspects. You can use Ayanza’s AI prompts in advertising, marketing, sales, CEO, and HR, and they can cover hundreds of different situations, including product ideas, office parties, marketing improvements, etc.

These valuable tools will save you the time you would spend on organization and brainstorming so you can redirect your focus to the primary goal of your business and boost your productivity in the workplace.


Open the Ayanza Prompts Library and find the ones that suit you best.


Getting started with Ayanza AI prompts

Using AI prompts with Ayanza’s help is incredibly straightforward. Nevertheless, below is a short guide on using AI prompts within Ayanza so you never have to copy them to ChatGPT or other AI tools again.

  1. After creating an Ayanza account, create a new space and choose AI prompts inside the template library.

  2. Find a prompt you want to try, choose it, and adjust it to your needs. That includes changing out the gray parts.

  3. When you’re done adjusting the AI prompt to fit your needs, create a new line and hit Space on your keyboard to prompt AI to write.

That’s it, and it’s so simple that anyone can use it. It truly streamlines the entire process, as there’s no need to use other prompt generators or look up AI prompts, copy them, tweak them, paste them into different AI models, and copy them back inside the AI project management app.

You can utilize these pre-made AI prompts and do everything work-related within Ayanza. The entire process takes a few seconds and can save you valuable time.

Ayanza can do much more than just process the AI prompts. It provides an array of AI tools for productivity, such as:

AI task manager;

AI note taking;

AI schedule maker;

AI knowledge management system

Daily standup templates with standard questions and meeting agendas;

AI chatbot;

AI tools for time management;

Expense tracker;

Budget planner.

Work At Your Best Energy Level-Ayanza.png


How can Ayanza be helpful with AI prompts?

Ayanza has over a hundred accessible and ready-to-use AI prompts that can help in various business spheres, including CEO, marketing, sales, HR, etc. You wouldn’t need to think of creative AI prompts yourself, which can be helpful when you’re out of prompt ideas.

Why do you need a prompt library?

You need a prompt library because these libraries include already-made, ready-to-use, custom-built prompts which can help you in all spheres of business and life. With some prompt engineering, these libraries combine millions of ideas and create a few hundred amazing prompts that are easy to navigate, find, and use.

How do I get good AI prompts?

Simple AI prompt generators often give you ineffective prompts. Then, AI chatbots give you poor outputs, as they might not understand what you want. Instead, you should use verified libraries created with brilliant prompt engineering. That way, you can have simple prompts that save you valuable time and give you fantastic output and content.

What is an example of a good AI prompt?

A good writing prompt will have short and clear instructions for the artificial intelligence model to give you a detailed and precise output. For example, “Create a vegan pizza recipe that doesn’t include tomatoes” can be a better AI prompt than “Make me a vegan pizza without tomatoes.”