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Jan 26, 2024

ClickUp vs. Monday: Which one to choose in 2024?

Being a successful business company in today’s overly competitive world requires using project management tools. These valuable resources offer powerful features, project-tracking capabilities, and various security options. They can handle thousands of different processes, increasing your business’s productivity and effectiveness. There are also many AI project management tools on the market, which further streamline the process using AI tech.

Therefore, today we’ll deal with a project management software comparison and compare various versatile features of ClickUp and Monday, two incredible resource management platforms. The guide will dive deep into each task management tool, their custom integrations, premium plans, and the MBs of storage space they offer.

Moreover, we’ll also discuss an alternative to these two collaboration tools.

ClickUp vs. Monday Overview

Let’s first dive into each tool’s basic features and discuss how each project manager app works, how many users per month it can have, and the pricing plans they offer. We’ll start with ClickUp.

What is ClickUp?


ClickUp is one of the business leaders in the industry of project management and team collaboration tools. Various businesses use it for its easy-to-use interface, customizable dashboard, powerful native integrations, and unlimited storage. 

Many users love its team collaboration capabilities. However, compared to Trello (another major player in the project management landscape), Clickup can have a steep learning curve.

ClickUp Overview

So, why is ClickUp such a great project management option? As we review ClickUp’s features, custom dashboard options, integrations, team collaboration tools, pricing, and storage, you’ll learn soon enough.


  • Custom Task Types;

  • A freshly redesigned Inbox;

  • New and updated sleek interface;

  • Various Home personalization features;

  • Incredible organization features of Hubs;

Team sizes

ClickUp offers unlimited users for any of its five pricing plans, making it an excellent option for teams and businesses of all sizes, regardless of your chosen plan.


You get unlimited file storage with any of ClickUp’s paid plans, while the free product is limited to 100MB of storage space.


The ClickUp project management platform is incredibly customizable. You can create custom views, add custom statuses, create custom notifications, and make the dashboard fit your needs.

Integration with other apps

Since ClickUp collaborates with various companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, it includes many integrations. For example, ClickUp works well with Google Hangouts and Drive, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.


Because of the various collaborations with large companies, sharing files with ClickUp is incredibly straightforward. You can share spaces, folders, lists, tasks, views, templates, dashboards, whiteboards, and goals, and you can share them through Teams or with a link.


Basic plan – $0 and free forever

Unlimited – $5 per user per month

Business – $12 per user per month

Business Plus – $19 per user per month

Enterprise – custom pricing

ClickUp FAQ

How many companies use ClickUp?

Since ClickUp is a newer platform, its market share isn’t something to write home about compared to some other platforms. However, over 170 companies use ClickUp already, including a few with over 500 members.

Is ClickUp free forever?

If you get the Free ClickUp plan, the platform will be free forever and for an unlimited number of users. Although there are certain limitations to the previous plan, it’s a fantastic choice for individuals and smaller teams.

Do big companies use ClickUp?

Although ClickUp’s market share is relatively low compared to a few other project management platforms, large companies with anywhere between 500 and 1000 members use ClickUp for all their tasks and project needs.

Why do people love ClickUp?

Users love ClickUp because of its various project templates, custom permissions with the Business Plus plan, unlimited tasks for free users, project boards, powerful and customizable workspace, excellent pricing model, and other key features.

What is Monday?


Another excellent project and session management tool comes from Monday, a team collaboration tool for teams of all sizes and all types of team members. Monday’s custom exporting features, smart notifications, key privacy features, and native time-tracking capabilities make it a fantastic choice for remote teams needing a project task tool.

Monday Overview

Stay with us as we review Monday and dive deep into its features, process management tools, storage and account options, pricing, custom integrations, and sharing and advanced permission capabilities.


  • The default view can be entirely customized;

  • The platform is straightforward to use;

  • It has various time-tracking capabilities;

  • It includes excellent security measures;

  • There are different automation features.

Team sizes

As the platform offers five pricing plans, which range from free to custom pricing, it’s adaptable to whatever number and level of users you need. Entire teams can enjoy its paid options, while the Free plan is intended for up to two users.


Unlike ClickUp, Monday doesn’t have unlimited storage. Instead, the amount of storage you get depends on your pricing plan. Free users get 500MB, Basic users get 5GB, Standard users get 20GB, Pro users get 100GB, and Enterprise users get 1000GB of file storage.


Monday offers various customizable templates that fit any team’s needs, whether in marketing, project management, design, human resources, software development, or sales.

Integration with other apps

The company behind Monday is collaborating with companies like Google and Microsoft. That’s why its list of many integrations includes Google Calendar, Google Drive, Gmail, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Excel, Outlook, Dropbox, Zapier, etc.


Whether you prefer Google, Microsoft, or Dropbox, Monday’s various integrations allow for effortless file sharing. Links can also easily be shared with other members.


Free – $0 and free forever for up to two users

Basic – $8 per user per month with a minimum of three users

Standard – $10 per user per month with a minimum of three users

Pro – $16 per user per month with a minimum of three users

Enterprise – custom pricing

Monday FAQ

How many companies use Monday?

Monday is your app if you need an excellent project planning tool with unique time-tracking features, various customization options, and many custom integrations. That’s why many companies use it for all their project management needs.

Is Monday free forever?

Yes, Monday’s Free plan is free forever, but it’s also limited to only two users and 500MB of file storage. Moreover, other Monday pricing plans require a minimum of three users.

Do big companies use Monday?

Various large companies needing project management platforms use Monday and its Business Plus and Enterprise plans daily. These include Wix, PLI, Pioneer Studios, Discovery Inc, and many more.

Why do people love Monday?

Customers love Monday because of its private boards, knowledge base, secure user accounts, advanced reporting features, and to-do lists. Its custom fields and adaptive features can fit any company’s needs.

How are Monday and ClickUp similar?

ClickUp and Monday are incredibly flexible platforms with various project management templates, similar standard plans, and customizable enterprise plans. They’re capable of complex workflows, adapting to all sorts of projects, and include an intuitive interface and dashboards with various project progress-tracking capabilities. 

Moreover, they’re both incredibly secure and offer two-factor authentication.

Monday dashboard:


ClickUp dashboard:


How are Monday and ClickUp different?

However, these two platforms are also quite different. For example, Monday offers 500MB of storage on a free plan, compared to only 100MB on ClickUp. There are also differences in the number of boards, lists, spaces, custom views, and Free plan capabilities.



Conversely, ClickUp includes a real-time chat capability, allows users to do in-app video recordings, and offers the following plan options.



Other notable differences between these platforms include pricing options, the number of actions per month for free plans, bug tracking, board views, customer support, and customer service options.

ClickUp vs. Monday: Which should you use?

If you’re wondering how to choose between these two excellent platforms, that’s the choice you’ll have to make on your own, but finding out which area each platform is better in might help with your decision.

ClickUp is better if

  • You need incredible options, even with the free plan, and for a large number of users;

  • You want a platform with a vast number of integrations;

  • You require a platform with unlimited custom views;

  • You need a built-in real-time chat capability;

  • You want a tool that offers Kanban boards.

Monday is better if

  • You’re after a project management platform with incredible mobile apps;

  • You require access to unlimited boards and docs (with paid plans only);

  • You need a platform with an even more significant number of integrations than ClickUp;

  • You want a tool that has fantastic individual task and activity tracking capabilities;

  • You want excellent customization options and access to over 200 templates.

Now that you know which tool offers which key features, your choice might be more uncomplicated. However, ClickUp and Monday aren’t the only project management platforms on the market – you can also try Ayanza.

Why use Ayanza instead of ClickUp or Monday?



Although it’s the youngest of the three platforms and only two years old, Ayanza can easily pair against ClickUp and Monday and ClickUp alternatives. It offers incredible and advanced features, making it a perfect choice for a teamwork tool, regardless of your team size.

The Ayanza AI task manager is the new kid on the block, but the new kid is undoubtedly better than ClickUp or Monday. Namely, it’s your best pick if you’re looking for an excellent teamwork tool to support your company’s various teams with shared knowledge bases integrated with tasks and tasks connected with OKRs.

Ayanza Features

Because of its customizable dashboard, OKRs, knowledge bases, and other key features, Ayanza can fit all your project management needs.

Moreover, since Ayanza is highly customizable regarding price and features you might need, it can also be incredibly cheap, regardless of your team size.

Ayanza’s other features include the following:

  • The Newsfeed part is efficient, simple, and clean;

  • Creating tasks is effortless, and editing them is also straightforward;

  • The platform allows for simultaneous doc-editing and has task comments;

  • Generative AI-powered notebook management system with intuitive writing as AI note taker;

  • Projects are more manageable because of AI-powered features;

  • Notes-scheduling and simple creation flow;

  • Plans consist of combining elements you need;

  • Users have access to private messages, real-time public chats, and an excellent chat editor;

  • Smooth task management experience, as OKRs are connected to tasks;

  • Ayanza’s AI based knowledge management system includes web-like knowledge bases and hubs.

Team sizes

It offers customizable pricing plans where you choose the features you need, so teams of all sizes can use Ayanza. It can adapt to remote teams and be a perfect choice for mid-sized or larger groups.


Ayanza is an ideal solution for any size team, as it has no user limits and offers unlimited file storage. Whether you only get one type of subscription or a combination of all four kinds, your users will have plenty of space for all their files.


The platform has hundreds of themes, making Ayanza an incredibly adaptable project management platform with a highly-customizable user interface. That’s why it can fit any project type or user role.


Ayanza offers free and premium pricing plans. A free plan lets you create up to 200 tasks or documents. Pricing starts from $6 per user per month.

Integration with other apps

Ayanza’s team project management tool has integrations with ClickUp, Notion, and Trello – importing data from any of these is incredibly easy. The team is also working on integration with Monday.


Ayanza’s file sharing is effortless as there are various custom exporting options, and you can quickly share files, pictures, videos, and other documents.

Work At Your Best Energy Level-Ayanza.png

ClickUp vs. Monday chart comparison





Plans cost between $0 and $19

Plans are between $0 and $16

Free plan available
Pricing from $6

Ease of use

Remarkably user-friendly

Easy-to-use and highly-customizable dashboard

Incredibly user-friendly with a simple and clean user interface


Allows taking notes in tasks and storing ideas in projects

Simple note-taking, brainstorming, and idea sharing

Robust note management and comment systems

Projects and Tasks

Various project and task organization features

Offers task automation and accessible project management features

AI features for effortless task creation and efficient projects


A simple newsfeed with an overview of current and upcoming tasks and projects

Newsfeed has a widget to let you stay updated

Simple, clean, and freshly redesigned feed


Includes a real-time chat feature

Lacks the real-time chat

Powerful Ayanza chat editor, real-time chat, and private messages


Various integrations with Google, Microsoft, and other companies

Integrations with Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and others

Google Calendar, GitHub, Asana, Notion, and Trello


Includes a wiki to help beginners

Has included wiki pages for getting started

Ayanza includes web-like knowledge bases on all of its features


Aimed at all user roles and marketed as customizable for any industry

Aimed toward marketing, HR, software development, and sales teams

Ayanza is the best app for team success & health. It’s aimed at business leaders


ClickUp includes seven OKR templates

OKRs can be fully customized

OKRs connected to tasks


ClickUp AI integrated into task descriptions, comments, docs, notepad, and command center

Monday AI assistant can handle tasks, emails, summaries, formulas, etc.

Generative AI can handle thinking and writing tasks, brainstorm ideas, and answer your questions


Through Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox

Available through Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox, and external link sharing

Ayanza has external link sharing capabilities


Free plan – 100MB
Paid plans – unlimited

From 500MB to 1000GB

unlimited file storage


A highly-customizable platform

Includes various customization options and over 200 templates

Adaptable to any project and highly versatile and customizable



Is ClickUp better for small teams?

Since ClickUp includes unlimited users for all of its plans and various advanced features in its free plan, it can be an excellent option for beginners, individuals, and smaller teams. Namely, the free plan’s only limitation is that it doesn’t have unlimited file storage and only offers 100MB of storage space.

Can Monday handle complex project management?

The short answer is “yes,” as Monday can manage complex projects and custom workflows. Its various process management, resource allocation, and progress-tracking and time-tracking columns make Monday a compelling project management platform capable of adapting to any task.

Does ClickUp have a mobile app?

Any business leader you ask today will admit they spend much time on their phone, and ClickUp knows this. That’s why there are mobile apps for both Android and iOS. However, Monday and Ayanza also have mobile apps for their project management tools.

Can Monday integrate with other tools?

Monday does integrations, and it does them well. It integrates with Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Excel, and OneDrive. Other integrations include Zoom, Zapier, LinkedIn, Slack, and Dropbox.

Which one is more affordable, ClickUp or Monday?

Current prices indicate that Monday is the more affordable option, but it’s worth noting that it requires a minimum of three users, and its free plan only supports two users. On the other hand, Ayanza can be your best bet if you only get the features you need, as you’re only user-per-month-billed.

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