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Jan 24, 2024

33 Best Morning Routine Ideas (Long-Term Sustainable)

Everyone wants to begin their day and work with a fresh mind, energy, and excitement. Yes, it is possible to feel better in the morning, and achieving it is not even that tough. Your quest is simple. Build a right and powerful morning routine and use it as a magical potion that will grant you a sustainable start for a much more productive day. Want to know how? Read on.

What Is A Morning Routine?

You can view a morning routine as a set of habits and motions that you perform regularly and, as the name suggests – during the morning.

The idea is to support you in waking up fresh and getting ready for the day ahead.

The perfect morning routine is designed specifically for you and incorporates practices that make your mornings the best possible.  

If you find yourself working on a tight schedule, perhaps finding the best AI scheduling assistant might be of some use.


Benefits Of Morning Routine

Most of those who regularly engage in a specific morning routine can no longer imagine starting their day without it. Wondering why?

🚀 It Creates a Structure Out of Chaos: Everyone feels overwhelmed from time to time. Unpleasant things happen even in the lives of the most successful people. You may have too many tasks at your work or too many circumstances that require your attention. Everything can easily fall into chaos. Make the best of it by giving your days at least a bit of structure called the morning routine. No matter what happens, your morning routine will be there – structured, comforting in bad times & entirely yours.

🚀 Beating the Decision Fatigue of Getting Out of Bed: Imagine waking up and feeling excited for the start of a new day. Wouldn’t it make the process of getting up more enjoyable? Well, it is utterly feasible. Develop a simple morning habit you enjoy no matter what challenges and responsibilities await you that day. By doing something fulfilling each morning, you certainly increase your levels of success in getting out of bed.

🚀 It Hacks Your Circadian Rhythm: Let’s be honest, there are mornings when you wake up & feel like crap. Exhausted, demotivated & without energy. Maybe you could not sleep well, were out late the previous day, or no apparent reason makes you tired. Perhaps you don’t even know that you are missing something → that you could genuinely feel better. A productive morning routine will take care of getting you on your feet. A successful morning will have a lasting impact on your body and mind. You could even feel like a superhuman.


How To Journal Your Way To Your Best Morning Routine

This here is the greatest challenge of the whole intentional morning routine practice. It is not about sticking to a morning routine but finding the best one for you, and the possibilities are endless.

There is only one rule that your morning routine should follow. It has to be explicitly designed for you, and it has to be about what you like & enjoy. That is something that no one can tell you except yourself.

How can you hack this whole process of creating the best and most fitting daily morning routine?

Sit down for this five-minute simple action task:

  1. Set a vision for your ideal morning. Do you wish to engage in some hobby activities that bring you joy? Do you need to have some relaxing time for yourself? Do you seek a way to awaken your mind and body to the fullest?

  2. Take a pen & a piece of paper and make a list of ideas with all the small activities & rituals that you enjoy, anything that energizes you and gets you going. It could even be things you heard about and wished to try yourself.

  3. Gather additional ideas from the internet and other people. Research some popular morning routines & familiar daily morning habits. Add those you like to your list.

  4. Set a time frame for your morning routine – how long do you want it to last?

  5. Listen to your senses, prioritize your morning activities, and pick those that you like the most.

Remember that creating the best morning routine is a process.

The first try may not reflect your perfect daily routine for success, so feel free to experiment & play with it.

Improve it step by step.

Make your day-to-day productivity & mood the primary measures of success.


33 Morning Routine Ideas To Make A Perfect Productive Day

  1. Feel like a superhuman thanks to cold showers: There is no better morning routine tip to kick start your day than a cold shower. It has many scientifically proven health benefits and a significant wake-up effect. You always feel better after it. But to believe it, you first have to try it.

  2. Unleash your energy & focus levels through caffeine: A morning coffee is a go-to of many people, which only proves how effective it is. Caffeine encourages your mind to focus and gives you energy. However, be careful with the timing! If you wish to avoid sudden energy crashes throughout the day, drink your caffeinated beverage at least one and a half hours after waking up.

  3. Cherish the warmth of a morning tea ritual: There’s nothing like warm tea on a cold winter morning. Tea is essentially relaxation in a cup, so it’s a perfect way to kick off a stressful day. Practice mindfulness over a dainty ritual of brewing a loose-leaf tea, or warm your hands and soul with a quick and delicious tea bag. You can even choose a different flavor and a matching cup for each day of the week. 

  4. Wake up your body naturally by sun exposure:

    Research suggests that one of the best things you can do to wake up properly is going outside to expose yourself to sunlight.

    Morning sun exposure enhances your cognitive abilities & triggers the first dopamine release of the day.

    About 15-20 minutes of direct sunlight are sufficient, yet strive for it right after waking up.

    The benefits are priceless.


  5. Acknowledge your thoughts by journalling: Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be aware of your emotions & fears right at the beginning of the day? That way, you can address everything properly and be better prepared for what lies ahead. That is where journaling can help. Sit down for 5-10 minutes in the morning and write down all your thoughts. You will be surprised by the results. And you know what’s great? Ayanza offers you a space right for that.

  6. Record hidden truths in your dream journal: Did you know that your brain processes your thoughts and emotions while you’re sleeping? Sometimes, your dreams can tell you hard truths about your waking life. Other times, your subconscious hides these truths behind symbols you need to decipher. In both cases, writing them down in the morning can help you deal with unresolved trauma and hidden desires. 

  7. Stretch your brain muscles with creative thinking: Brain fog is a terrible nuisance, especially when you have an important day ahead. Before it takes over, you can practice catching that early morning window when your thoughts are still clear. That is when your brain is still unbothered by the realities of daily life. Try to keep that mental clarity by brainstorming creative ideas for your job, hobby, or just for fun.

  8. Stay ahead of your day by preparation: It is always a great idea to stay ahead of your responsibilities & tasks through proper daily preparation. Find a few minutes for prioritization & writing down your daily to-do list – you will not regret it. You can do so in Ayanza, thanks to one of the featured rhythms.

  9. Listen to your happy music: Music has enormous therapeutic value, so why not put on your favorite tunes as soon as you get up? You can play the same upbeat song every day and do a little dance to wake up your muscles. You can choose soft relaxation music instead if you’re not a big morning person. Whatever soothes your soul and gets you ready for the day.

  10. Kick start your focus by reading: Reading is an excellent habit to have & practice daily. Not only can you learn something new, but you can also discover new perspectives or escape from the struggles of reality. If you find joy in reading, why not dedicate 15-20 minutes to it in the morning? You will be surprised by the energy it gives you, especially if you choose an inspirational book you enjoy.

  11. Get inspired by listening to podcasts: Back in the day, people used to prepare for the day by reading newspapers. Today, the news is just too depressing. You can hear fragments of good on podcasts, where intelligent, creative, and funny people come together to celebrate the beauty of being a human. Pick a topic you like, make a toast and green juice, and soak up the positive vibes. 

  12. Lose yourself in a hobby: When we find happiness in activities we don’t get paid for, we call that “having a hobby.” But aren’t hobbies the essence of life? That can be any simple task, from nurturing your house plants to jogging in the park. If you have a hobby that gives you a much-needed boost of energy or a sense of adventure, that should be the first thing you do every morning. 

  13. Activate your body through exercise: Physical exercise has been scientifically proven as one of the best things you can do for yourself at the start of your day. It will put you in a better mood and improve your focus & cognition, besides properly waking you up by encouraging your blood flow & dopamine release. It does not even have to be long; allocating even a short time for exercise right in the morning (10-15 minutes) provides numerous benefits.

  14. Take a walk around the neighborhood: Say good morning to your neighbors and mean it. Going out and breathing in your neighborhood as it wakes up is a perfect way to practice mindfulness and remember to be grateful for all the nice weather, green trees, and smiling people. Pick yourself a hot cup of coffee or listen to some music – whatever you do, welcome the morning and enjoy the fresh air. 

  15. Have a protein shake on your way to work: Studies show that a daily protein boost may keep you full, help you lower body fat, and even slim you down. In any case, having a delicious protein shake in the morning can’t hurt. Time it right, and it can add some much-needed flavor to your morning commute.


  16. Start up your mind with proper hydration: Drinking water is a fundamental component of our lives. When we do not drink the necessary amount, we get dizzy, tired & unwell. That proves how essential it is to stay hydrated from the beginning of your day. For an average adult, drinking 2-3 full glasses of water in the morning is recommended.

  17. Get energy from a healthy breakfast:

    Food brings us joy, so why not make it enjoyable right from the beginning of our day?

    Find some time to prepare a healthy & balanced breakfast that will fill you with joy & energy.

    If you want to boost your focus & cognition throughout the day, it is recommended to opt for breakfast with a lower amount of carbs, especially sugar.


  18. Achieve mindfulness through meditation: Ask a hundred people if you should practice daily meditation sessions and there is a high chance of encountering many “yes” answers. Meditation improves mental health & many other aspects of our lives. It will help you be much more mindful, relaxed & confident throughout your day. Once you make it into a habit, you will not be able to break it.

  19. Be powered up by breathing: Breath is your primary life-giving impulse. Wouldn’t it be great to find time for conscious breathing right at the start of your day? To stay mindful of something that you often take for granted. Research shows that various breathing exercises help balance your stress response systems and increase your energy levels.

  20. Greet a new day without an alarm: Rewiring your brain to start waking up naturally will bring fantastic benefits to your physical and mental health. You’ll get out of bed easier, feel lighter in the morning, and stay productive throughout the day. The trick is to allow your natural sleep cycle to end without interrupting it. How? Easy – by letting the sun into your bedroom in the morning or using a sun lamp.

  21. Beat your laziness by eatting the frog right on: Are there days when you just do not want to wake up because there is some unwanted responsibility in front of you? Perhaps a task you dread doing? Do not procrastinate; do it as a part of your morning routine. Eat the frog right at the beginning of your day. You’ll enjoy the rest of it without a heavy burden on your shoulders. Try it and see for yourself.

  22. Treat yourself to some extra bed time: What works for some might not be an ideal morning routine for others. If jumping forcefully out of bed gets you a headache before noon, give yourself a few minutes to lay in bed and mentally prepare for the day. Just don’t let this extra time hurt your routine list. If staying in bed gives you that huge boost of a good mood, set your alarm for earlier. 

  23. Plan to perfection & respect every minute: Morning planning is about removing the stress and anxiety from your schedule while simultaneously establishing structure. So, try not to give yourself too much room for procrastination. It’s better to plan every minute, including personal time, than to squeeze in basic tasks and end up rushing through the morning. Plan ahead, respect the schedule, and enjoy every minute. 

  24. Put your day in order with light cleaning: If you have a burning passion for home organizing, you probably like keeping your house clean and tidy. Why not catch an early start, then? You don’t have to do any heavy lifting, though. Including a light cleaning session in your daily morning ritual will help you sort out your head, put your affairs in order, and even get some much-needed cardio. 

  25. Warm up for work by setting up your workstation: Unless you’re an abstract painter or some other kind of artist who thrives in creative chaos, your workday will be way more productive if you spend a few minutes decluttering your workstation. Archive every completed project, throw away yesterday’s trash, and put some flowers in a vase – or at least find a nice desktop wallpaper. 

  26. Achieve fulfillment through self-improvement time: Everyone wants to improve and constantly learn something new about themselves. It moves us forward as human beings. So, why not allocate some time to it regularly? Get yourself a 20-minute learning space right in the morning, refresh your mind, study something you are interested in & get a boost as a person.

  27. Set up a goal to achieve by the end of the day: Smart goal-setting can help you achieve the level of success you’ve always been dreaming of. As part of your morning ritual, you can set up one small goal for yourself to complete by the end of the day. Not only will that keep you focused on your long-term plans, but it will also help you become a doer. Ask any successful person: they never leave a milestone half-finished.

  28. Reflect & learn by retrospective:

    They don’t say we learn from our past mistakes & get better thanks to being aware of them for nothing. That is why people opt for morning retrospective spaces, where they reflect on the previous day’s achievements, learnings, or failures. The key is being able to improve from one day to another.

    You can also try practicing retrospective reflections in Ayanza.


  29. Stay present by avoiding phone: Phones, computers, or tablets now form a crucial part of our daily life. We sit behind digital screens so often that we sometimes forget about the world around us. We keep scrolling through countless social media pages, email inboxes, websites, online documents, and other apps. It is essential to acknowledge the wonders of reality from time to time, which is why you should avoid phone or computer screens right after waking up. Research even proves that it will make you feel better when you try it.

  30. Pick a phone and call somebody you love: It’s officially post-pandemic, but many of us still live alone and work from home. Don’t go deeper into your cocoon if you crave a sense of connection with other human beings. Do the one thing that can fulfill you as a social being – pick up a phone and call somebody you love every morning. 

  31. Charge your soul with positive energy – and hugs: Whether you have a family or share your living space with a partner, friend, or only your pet, mornings are always too crowded to be pleasant. Instead of peace and quiet, there’s hissing and fighting. Break the tension with a hug and make it a common morning habit mandatory for everyone – even when your moody teenager is late for school. 

  32. Remember to be gentle to yourself: As your daily morning affirmation, say three positive things about yourself daily. You can do it while brushing your teeth or dressing up for work. Just don’t forget to be gentle. Mornings are a perfect time for little acts of self-love, which are vital for your confidence, resilience, and motivation. 

  33. Reward yourself with a special weekend routine: If you can afford some me-time on the weekends, create a separate morning routine to reward yourself for all your hard work. Read an entire book in bed, have your morning cup of coffee at your favorite cafe, or see a friend for a chat and breakfast. 

Morning Routine Inspiration From Famous Ones

For every “how?”, there’s a rich, famous, and widely successful person to show you that anything is possible. And guess what? Most of them are early birds with elaborate morning routines. Otherwise, celebrities couldn’t juggle their professional and private lives. Here’s how to start your day like a world-class entrepreneur, artist, actress, and more. 

Steve Jobs: Positive Affirmation

During his inspiring Stanford speech from 2005, Steve Jobs famously explained his secret to success. Every day for 33 years, the Apple founder used to look in the mirror and ask the same question: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” It’s an excellent example of positive affirmation and its immense power to change our bad habits and how we think about our limits and potential. 


Mozart: Self-Care & Discipline

Even people with a natural gift must take the time and effort to nurture it. Take Mozart, for example. Yes, he was a prodigy, but he still took the time to perfect his music daily. His morning ritual was a meticulously executed combination of self-care and discipline, including a full hour of grooming and six hours of working. If you want a morning routine focused on productivity and goal-getting, don’t spare a minute – even when it comes to hairdressing. 

Oprah Winfrey: 15 Minutes of Meditation 

Morning meditation can calm your mind, boost your mood, and prevent stress and anxiety. Meditate for only 15 minutes after you get up, and you’ll feel the difference. Your days will be more productive, you’ll focus better, and your confidence will improve. According to Oprah, who meditates every morning (including holidays), it’ll make you kinder, too. 

Richard Branson: Family Time 

For the founder of Virgin and one of the world’s most successful visionaries, morning is a time for interaction with family. As you can imagine, Branson has an incredibly busy schedule, so he gets up pretty early – around 5 AM. After his morning workout and breakfast, the famous entrepreneur spends time with his family. He says his wife and kids help him stay grounded and focused on what really matters, which makes difficult decisions much more manageable. 

Jennifer Aniston: Getting an Early Start 

Jennifer Aniston makes sure she has her beauty sleep every night and still wakes up early enough to catch some time for herself. Getting up at 4:30 AM enables her to achieve the necessary work-life balance. This early start allows her to have her wellness routine – each morning, Aniston meditates for 20 minutes and drinks a glass of water with lemon. 

Barack Obama: Weights & Cardio

The 44th President of the United States enjoys a good night’s sleep. In fact, he gets up later than most of his peers, but he compensates by burning the most calories. Obama’s 7–9 AM routine is simple but effective – he wakes up, works out for 45 minutes, and then enjoys a healthy breakfast. Weight-lifting and cardio make a terrific morning exercise because they trigger a massive release of endorphins, making you all happy and energized in time for coffee.

Victoria Beckham: The “Green Monster” 

Rather than everyone’s favorite morning cup of coffee, Victoria Beckham kicks off her day with an all-green smoothie and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. It might not sound tasty, but it sure is nutritious. The designer’s signature “green monster” smoothie includes kiwi, apples, broccoli, spinach, lemon, and chia seeds – all fantastic for your gut health. 

Winston Churchill: Breakfast in Bed

The former British Prime Minister was a man of many quirks, but that never got in the way of him making a mark on history. According to his close associates, Churchill’s unexpected morning routine consisted of a wholesome breakfast in bed, served on two trays. After breakfast, he would stay in bed until 11 AM while greeting his secretaries and reading the news. Unhealthy habits? More like a case for sticking to whatever makes you happy. 

Jessica Alba: Running With Friends

Jessica Alba is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. At 41, she’s also a mom of three and the head of a successful company. When does she find the time to nurture herself with such a busy schedule? Apparently, she makes the most of her mornings – every day after she wakes up, she follows a soothing skincare routine and goes jogging with friends.

The Best Way To Make A Morning Routine Sustainable

Make a habit out of it

The definition of morning routine states that it is, first of all, a regular habit. So, that is something to be expected right from the beginning. Create a morning routine that would be sustainable to do every day in the long run & have it in mind at all times.

We recommend tapping into the best AI note taking apps to track your progress and streamline the process of creating a healthy morning routine that can help make every day as productive as possible.

Become a hero, but not straight from zero

Many people start their morning routine with some activity from scratch & force themselves to be the hero from the very first day. Yet as the initial excitement diminishes, that activity falls with it.

Therefore, it is essential to start practicing your morning routine at a slow pace. If you wish to start running in the mornings, don’t start with demanding everyday runs, especially if you have not been running before. Start with 1-2 morning runs every week & gradually build up your habit.
If time is of the essence, you can use an AI time management app to orchestrate your time according to your unique needs and make every minute count.

Watch for warning signs of an unsustainable routine

Do you find yourself a bit stressed about the morning because of something you are forcing yourself to do? Do you not feel excitement when thinking about your morning habits? Do you feel more energized after practicing your morning routine?

If your answer to these questions is a NO, then it is a warning sign that your morning routine might fall to pieces in the future, so do something about it!

Change things up from time to time

Everyone might get bored with some repeated activities even though they enjoyed them before. Falling into a rut is also a big thing happening to many of us. Therefore, feel free to change your morning habits once in a while. Try some new activity, or get back to an older one. If nothing else, it will certainly reward you with at least a bit of excitement.



There are endless possibilities for starting your day, and it is totally up to you what you pick. Just remember to experiment, be patient & make your morning routine sustainable.

If you prefer to plan your morning routine or brainstorm possible activities digitally, Ayanza could help you with it. Put everything in one place and manage it however you want. Try Ayanza also for some of the morning routine tips mentioned above, such as daily journaling, retrospectives, or a daily preparation/task list.

Good luck with finding the right path for you and your ideal morning!



What's the healthiest way to start morning?

Research suggests that the healthiest morning habits you can develop are sunlight exposure, staying hydrated & motion. It is also crucial to provide your mind & body with essential nutrients to kickstart their proper functioning, whether it is a healthy & balanced breakfast or supplements such as various vitamins & minerals. Remember the amount of sleep you allow yourself – an average adult should sleep for 7–8 hours to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm.

What makes a good morning routine?

A good morning routine reflects you. It is enjoyable and makes you energized rather than drained. It clears your mind & activates your body to get you fully ready for the upcoming day & all the responsibilities lying ahead of you. So, make it all about you. There is no recipe for a good morning routine; you mix it yourself.

Why do successful people have morning routines?

Let us answer with a question. How do you define a successful person? Is it that they can make all their days highly productive? Is it that they do everything yet still find time for themselves? Is it that they develop and stick to healthy habits? The truth is: morning routines make people successful. They teach you to be self-aware, accountable & disciplined, which is a definition of a successful person.