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Enable better collaboration & performance through AI-assisted work in all fields.

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Brainstorming Partner

AI will be your ultimate idea generator. In need of prompt new ideas on any topic thinkable? Dream no more. AI is here to address all your needs.

What can AI brainstorm for you?

πŸ™‹ Interview Questions

πŸ’‘ Blog Content Ideas

πŸ’Ό Sales Tips & Tricks

Inspirative Writer

Experiencing a writing block? Save time & brain power by letting AI think & write for you. Get inspired by AI-generated texts or outlines.

What can AI write for you?

πŸͺ Outline For A Blog Article

🏠 Company wiki

πŸ’« Prod Updates Summary

All-knowing Collaborator

In need of some quick information about a specific topic? AI will answer any of your questions and deliver you all the knowledge you need for success.

What can AI research for you?

ℹ️ FAQ Answers For Web

πŸ–₯ Explanation Of IT Terms

✏️ Study Notes On a Topic


What Can AI Do For Your Team?

Drive team productivity & efficiency by incorporating AI in all fields of work.

πŸ‘« Human Resources

AI will brainstorm interview questions, autocomplete job descriptions, or answer candidates’ questions for you.

✍️ SEO & Content

Extraction of keywords, content ideas brainstorming, or writing a blog outline is not an issue for Ayanza AI.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Tech & IT

AI will translate your code to natural language, convert text to commands, or help you write documentation.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό Team Leaders

Generate a unique team meeting agenda, or convert your meeting notes to a summary by using AI.

πŸš€ Sales

AI will correct the grammar of your emails, deliver a new perspectives on your strategies, or classify clients.

πŸ“£ Marketing

Get new ideas on social media posts and generate product names or ads from product description easily with AI.

⭐️ CEOs & Co-founders

Gain new perspectives on your company strategies, or create a huge company wiki easily thanks to AI.

πŸŽ“ Study Groups

AI will create study notes on any topic, summarize articles, or write simply anything for you.

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