Feb 6, 2024

Note-Taking App for Teams and Individuals

Brainstorm ideas into actionable insights, capture relevant meeting conversations, and transform your team communication with Ayanza’s note-taking software.


What is a Note-Taking App?

At first, simple desktop note-taking apps were made to help you ditch the paper and stop misplacing your notes. Since then, many adaptations of the age-old idea have been made to cater to specific needs. One of which is the team note apps, focused on sharing and collaboration with your teammates.

How Does a Note-Taking App Work?

Note-taking apps range from simple applications meant to do just that - write down notes, all the way to cloud-based collaborative powerhouses. Now a new generation of apps is taking over. Ones capable of integrating AI into your writing process or accurately transcribing your voice.

While the technology is not quite there yet and always needs a human touch, it already helps millions to put their ideas down faster and smarter.

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Benefits of Note-Taking and Sharing

Share your knowledge

Let your teammates and friends in on your know-how. Engage them with new ideas and topics.

Keep people updated

Was someone unable to attend a meeting or you'd like to let other teams know? Just share your notes.

Keep organized

Organize and structure your notes to make sense of scattered thoughts.

Be heard

Make sure your teammates get to see your thoughts and access them whenever.

Why Choose The Note-Taking App From Ayanza?

Ayanza maximizes the comfort of note-taking and sharing. There are no compromises in text editor abilities, and if writing is not your strong suit, ask AI to be your writing buddy. Do you prefer talking over writing? Use voice transcription.

Share and collaborate with your teammates in real-time, as if you were in the same room. Coupled with templates inspired by the best in the business and rhythms documents, Ayanza is the quickest route from ideas to work getting done.

How to Use Ayanza Note-Taking

The robust text editor will become your best pal in no time. Simple at first, the intuitive interface hides an impressive number of advanced features. Stay within the tidy focus mode or make the most out of it.

Enrich your notes in many wonderful ways. Upload pictures or even have AI generate them, add embeds from your favorite media sites, such as Spotify or YouTube, embed Google Docs, or upload any important attachments.

Both rich-text formatting and markdown are supported. Pick and choose editor elements from the drop-down list or use keyboard shortcuts to maximize comfort and productivity.

Organize your notes. Create thematic clusters, called notebooks, for topics you have a lot to say about. Turn notes into tasks or knowledge wikis. To limit who sees your notes, assign them to specific projects or make them private. To make your notes accessible to anyone, make them public to anyone.

Being an online tool, notes in Ayanza get updated in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to save them. The notes can be accessed anytime, from any device, and always securely. For optimal experience, get the Ayanza app for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Ayanza isn’t only for teams. The platform can help anyone become a more productive and organized individual. Use it for free to create your digital second brain. Start journaling and keeping all of your ideas, notes, and tasks in one secure place.

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Are there any collaboration features available in Ayanza the note-taking tool?

Ayanza is first and foremost a team collaboration app. You can post notes privately, but by default, all of your content goes to the shared newsfeed.

Any of your teammates can then edit and add to your content, and you can see the changes in real time. You also get to collaborate on any document at the same time.

Are there any search capabilities within the Ayanza online note-taking tool?

The search bar is always available in the left-hand menu anywhere within the app. Use it to search for anything within the platform - people, teams, tasks, spaces, and more.

When you're writing, there's no need to waste time by searching and copying links to other items in Ayanza. Simply use the @ mention to quickly bring up and link anything.

Can I attach files or multimedia content to my notes within the Ayanza team note-taking app?

Yes, you absolutely can. When in the editor, click the little plus button that appears next to the text on hover. This brings up the whole list of options.

Attach any file type by picking the file attachment option. Embed external content by your favorite multimedia and work apps. Simply paste a link to apps such as Spotify or Google Docs and have Ayanza recognize and embed it.

Can I organize my notes in folders or categories in Ayanza?

There are several options to help you organize your notes.

Add notes to notebooks. Remember when in school you had separate notebooks for classes? It's just that! Separate subjects you have a lot to say about by putting them in different notebooks.

If you're working with a team, you don't need to bother the whole of your organization with notes from your team's meeting. Simply move the note to the team space. It will show up only in the newsfeed of the members or when viewing the newsfeed of said team.

Are there options for formatting text in Ayanza note-taking app?

Absolutely. By default, Ayanza uses a rich text editor. All the keyboard shortcuts you're familiar with from other software work. On top of that, Ayanza also supports markdown editing.

For further formatting and embedding options, click the little plus button that appears on hover over text.

Can I share my notes with people outside of Ayanza?

Absolutely. You get the following publishing options:

  • Visible only to you

  • Visible to everyone in your Ayanza organization

  • Make it public

Making a note public on the web creates a shareable link.