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Team Project Management Tool

Create a collaborative workspace with Ayanza’s all-in-one team project management tool to manage unlimited projects with streamlined communication in real time.

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What is a Team Project Management Tool?

Projects come in all shapes and sizes, requiring different approaches which can often change mid-project. Project management is all about applying best practices in planning, executing, and monitoring projects.

How can project management software help you? All goals and roles need to be clearly communicated, reporting and monitoring processes need to be in place, and communication must flow seamlessly. Project management tools often come pre-packed with key features aimed at aiding you in the process, such as task tracking, file sharing, and various methods of communication.


Benefits of Team Project Management Tools

Improving Efficiency

Project management is all about planning and ensuring project success. Good tools can help anyone intuitively practice project management skills.

Flexible communication

A crucial chat message or a well-structured document can eliminate the need for endless meetings, giving you the time to focus on what matters - achieving goals.

Increased productivity

Seeing the rate of progress and tasks being checked off not only looks good but also motivates your teammates.

Good overview of the project

A good project management tool comes with a wide range of view options, giving you a clear overview of progress or possible roadblocks.

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How Does a Team Project Management Tool Work?

Regardless of size and intent, management for any project shares a few key questions that need to be addressed. How do you let your team know about the project plan, key vision, and goals? How do you assign work and keep track of task completion? What about ad hoc conversations and diagnosing or resolving issues? How do you keep everyone updated? How to monitor the overall progress and communicate feedback?

A proper project management app should have an answer to every single one of these questions and preferably add value with other advanced features. Ayanza does.


Why Choose the Team Project Management Tool From Ayanza?

Ayanza is aimed at making all team collaboration and workplaces better, from small startups to large organizations. If you're just starting with project management, you'll benefit from the intuitive interface and collaborative aspects of the app. Your coworkers can factor in anytime, helping you create clearly communicated projects with achievable timelines.

If you are a skilled project manager, Ayanza, with its custom view options, detailed settings, and custom fields, is sure to satisfy your needs. No matter the extent of your experience, you can always use generative AI to brainstorm or be your writing buddy.

How to Use The Ayanza Team Project Management Tool

Share the project mission, budget, and OKRs as documents or notes that appear in your team's newsfeed. Pin them to make sure they stay visible. This way, the key ideas will always be quickly accessible to all team members.

Ayanza is a web-based app updated in real-time, making team collaboration on project planning easy, or use AI as your new teammate. Other team members can leave comments, questions, or reactions, reducing the need for lengthy meetings.



Assign tasks, making sure everyone knows what to do and why. Add due dates and priority flags, and use the note field to describe the task in detail. If you just need to quickly clear up something, the chat feature has your back.

There's a wide range of options to visually monitor and represent all tasks within a project, including the favorite Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and calendar views. Each member can report on their progress in various ways.

Get more personal with your team by setting up Rhythms. These create template documents for each member to fill out on a schedule. You can use it to ask members about both their successes and roadblocks they are facing, ask them for innovative ideas, or really just how are they doing. Rhythms are a more mindful and personal way of ensuring the team is going towards a common goal.


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How can the team project management tool improve collaboration?

On top of all the typical features you'll find in any project management tool, Ayanza also borrows a lot from social media. Every single step of project management offers you and your teammate several modes of sharing ideas and opinions. A unique way to communicate is the Rhytms, allowing you to monitor project progress in a mindful and personal way by having your teammates answer and share template documents about their progress.

Can I integrate the team project management tool with other software applications?

Yes, Ayanza integrates with Google Calendar and GitHub perfectly. Switching to Ayanza from other tools is also very easy. Effortlessly transfer your projects from Trello, Asana, or Notion.

How secure is the data stored in an online team project management tool?

Foundations for Ayanza are based on Google Cloud and Google Firebase. Encryption of data both in transit (TLS 1.3) and at rest (AES 256) goes without question. We further ensure that only authorized roles get access by using Firebase Authentication to know the user identity.

On top of it all, Ayanza is ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 certified.

Can I use the team project management tool for both small and large projects?

Absolutely, the number of projects, tasks, and users is unlimited! Larger organizations can create an unlimited number of spaces to effectively separate work teams, and subsequently create projects within these teams.