Feb 6, 2024

Task Manager

Prioritize tasks, organize projects, track progress, and stay ahead of your daily and weekly workflows with Ayanza’s scalable AI-powered online task manager.


What is a Task Manager?

Task managers create a visually compelling environment for you to create, organize and prioritize your tasks. These apps help you plan faster, monitor progress and always stay on top of your work.


Benefits of Using a Task Manager

Enhance communication and collaboration

Keep everyone updated. Avoid any errors or confusion, especially in remote teams.

Keep projects on track and on time

If something comes up, you're able to diagnose, discuss and keep moving swiftly.

Better understanding of project scope and goals

Prioritize and visualize. Have a clear view of both critical and smaller steps to success.

Save time

An effective task system saves you loads of headaches and needless meetings.


How Does a Task Manager Work?

A task manager app allows you to let your coworkers know the exact progress on each task via a single platform. Create a task, attach important information, set a deadline, priority, and pick who to notify on changes.

Monitor tasks in their whole lifecycle from an assigned Todo all the way to done or canceled. Show you’re in the progress of working on a task, send it for review, or backlog it for later.

What makes web-based task managers indispensable is being able to keep a history of tasks and conversations without the fear of losing any progress.

Why Choose The Task Manager From Ayanza?

The strengths of task management in Ayanza lie in the intuitive design, incorporating all your favorite features from other task management software without creating clutter.

Anyone can create their desired workflow in Ayanza. Custom property options ensure you get all you need. Plus, get absolute control with a full-featured text editor, AI included.

Creating a task is a very intuitive experience. Task creation can be triggered anytime via the main navigation menu or a keyboard shortcut.



How to Use Ayanza Task Manager

How do you understand project progress the best? As a to-do list? A calendar of events or a Gantt chart? Ayanza offers a wide range of view options, making sure you can envision, plan and progress the way you want.

A wide selection of filters will help you organize and prioritize. Only see your tasks or all tasks across the whole organization.

Communicate with your teammates at any point and resolve issues quickly. Comment and react on tasks, or use the editor commands to easily link individual tasks or whole task lists in notes and chat messages.

Task Manager and Much More for the Fairest Pricing on the Market

Invite everybody and pay only for your active users. No hidden fees. No surprises.

6€‎ user/month

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How do I find users in the task manager?

If you want to see what's on your teammate's plate, go to their profile by clicking Users in the top navigation menu. A list of users will pop up on the right. Click a user to go to their profile, and pick the Tasks tab.

For individual projects, open the project and choose the Per Person view or apply a user filter by clicking the filters button in the top right corner.

How do I add users to the task manager?

Clicking Users in the top navigation menu will bring up the list of all users. Choose Invite Teammate underneath the user list. A window will pop up. Send invitations to an email address, along with a custom note, or generate a link by clicking the Copy Invite link button.

How do I disable task manager users?

Click the organization logo in the top left corner, then click the settings cog next to the organization you wish to edit. Pick the People and Teams tab in the left-hand menu. This allows you to either remove a user or edit their permissions.

How do I assign a task to a user?

Task creation can be triggered in several ways. The easiest and always present option is to click the plus button in the main top navigation menu and pick Task. You can also trigger a new task by simply pressing Ctrl+Alt+T.

Give the task a name, fill out all the details, and edit the Assignee. You can also create a task in someone else's name by editing the Owner. A full-featured text editor and AI generative writing are always at hand.


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