Feb 6, 2024

Team Chat & Communication Software

Save time, effort, and resources by bringing all your team collaboration and communication under Ayanza’s team communication and collaboration software.

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What is a Team Chat & Communication Software?

Not all team communication requires a structured email or a meeting. Stop eating away at the time you could spend being productive.

All the quick questions, little memos, and ad hoc conversations can be had via chat apps. It's faster, more personal, and doesn't clutter your inbox or calendar.


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How Does Team Chat Work?

Any chat app will help you handle most of your quick communication needs. So, what would you need a special team chat and communication app for?

Teams pointlessly waste time looking for content, tools, and conversation threads. Best team chat is one that is a feature of your main team management solution. No need to set up, actively monitor and clutter your devices with yet another app.

Don't mix your personal life with your work life by flooding your social media with work chats and connections. Having the chat in one platform where all of your co-workers are registered makes managing chats and finding people easier.

Benefits of Using Team Communication Software

Keep it clean

Don't call meetings for what could have been an email and don't write emails for what could have been a chat message.

Add personality

Emails are expected to be dry and structured. Chat is relaxed. Add some personality and brighten everyone's day.

Save time

Don't wait around for people to check their emails or waste time trying to reach them face to face.

All in one place

From one-on-one to teams, or even company-wide chats. All o recorded and easy to find in the same dedicated space

Why Choose Team Chat Software From Ayanza?

Get the laid-back chat app experience while staying on the same platform as all of your work. Ayanza offers a simple yet powerful chat feature within the team management tool.

No need to copy links and spend time searching for the right thing. Easily @ mention not only people but also projects, teams, tasks, and files. It's all there, in a single place.

Create an unlimited number of chat channels and invite an unlimited number of members to Ayanza.

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How to Use Ayanza Team Chat

Quickly messaging someone is always just a step away. Use the social media-like People & Channels bar via the home screen, or simply hover over someone’s name. Use pop-up chats or access the dedicated chats page via the main menu.

The interface is as simple as it gets while offering everything you need. Full capabilities appear on hover, making sure the interface doesn't get cluttered.

Don’t interrupt your train of thought workflow by searching for things. The @ mention isn't just for tagging people. Use it to bring up any note, task, or project quickly.

Was something important that needs to be documented mentioned in chat? No need to bother writing it. Quickly turn messages into tasks and notes with just the click of a button.

Enjoy all the relaxed features of basic chat apps. Reply to concrete messages, add reactions and emojis, or send GIFs. Upload pictures, videos, and files, or better yet, have AI generate pictures for you right in the app. Edit mistakes in messages or delete a message altogether.

Team Chat and so much more for the fairest pricing on the market

Invite everybody and pay only for your active users. No hidden fees, no surprises.

6€‎ user/month

Get started

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What features does Ayanza team communication software have?

Besides classic features of chat apps such as direct replies, emojis, and reactions, Ayanza offers several features to help you streamline your workflow.

Use the @ button to quickly bring up notes, tasks, projects, and people on the platform. Turn messages into tasks or notes in a single click.

How to create a team chat in Ayanza software?

Navigate to chats via the main menu.

Chat groups in Ayanza are called "Channels". You can see all the channels you are a member of in the left-hand menu. Create a new one by clicking the plus button next to "Channels".

Give it a name and choose whether you want it to be open to anyone, or private and visible only to the invited members. Next, add members by picking them in the dropdown menu. You can also invite new people into Ayanza right from chat by clicking "Invite a teammate".

How to send direct messages in Ayanza team chat software?

You can start writing a direct message in several ways:

  1. Pick from the People & Channels menu on the home screen,

  2. Hover over a teammate’s name anywhere in the app (newsfeed, teams, notebooks) and click the message button once a card pop-up appears,

  3. Message button in a teammate’s profile,

  4. Go to the chats screen via the left menu and click the plus button next to "Direct messages".


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