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Oct 10, 2023 by Dylan


Competitive Advantage For CEOs

Clarity of vision. Strategy and execution. Winning culture.

Interested? Consider Ayanza.

Win the race with an all-around powerful app that gets all your teams together, save your time & money, and sets your company apart of competitors.

Your New Digital Headquarters

Swipe down your company newsfeed and instantly see what’s happening. Knowing is power. Real-time updates on work docs, goals, and tasks. What difference will it be when you make it available to all your staff?

Co-create an open & safe place where your team shares important updates and ideas with game-changing potential.

And you’re always just one note away from sharing. Your team is curious about what’s on your mind. And they follow your example. Share your authentic thoughts and inspire.


  • Simplicity → Collaboration - One app for all teams break the siloes and foster cross-department collaboration

  • Knowledge → Innovation - Ayanza actively captures and distributes new knowledge across whole company and the innovation goes at a high speed.

  • Time to value - need a new app for managing a workflow or database? Chances are Ayanza is all you need and you already have all your team inside.

  • Security → Confidence - it is a way easier to secure one ISO 27001 certified app running in Google Cloud than 20 apps running who know where.

Unified Leadership Framework

When they get it, they follow it. Easy to understand and complete framework that covers all from the vision to successful execution.


Objectives and Key Results system integrated next to strategy, vision and tasks. Set it up in only 15 minutes. A practice of weekly check-ins helps your teams ensure they never miss a target.


Habit of Sharing the Knowledge

Let visual communication change the way your team works.

What if we make it easy & fun to communicate visually for all your staff, and you would get all the benefits without any tradeoffs?


Rhythms keep happen asynchronously and let your team answer set of questions that support the effective execution.

The paradigm shifts users using Rhythms observe:

  • Chaos → Alignment

  • Suspicions → Understanding

  • Negativity → Appreciation

  • Uncertainty → Confidence

  • Being stuck → Asking for support in time

All Departments Benefit

Read more about how specific departments benefit from Ayanza.


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