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What Are Workflows?

Workflows map out your team processes.

You can think of each Workflow as a sequence of stages through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.

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Popular Use Cases

Workflows are best understood through specific examples, so let’s look at some:

  • πŸš€ Deal Pipeline is a Workflow where you can manage deals that go through different stages of your sales process such as New Lead β†’ Demo Delivered β†’ Proposal β†’ Deal Won/Lost. (View template)

  • πŸ™‹ Hiring is a Workflow where you can manage your job candidates that go through different stages of your hiring process such as Applied β†’ Screening β†’ Interview β†’ Hired/Rejected. (View template)

  • πŸ—ΊοΈ Product Roadmap is a Workflow where you can manage product features that go through different stages of your shipping process such as Idea β†’ Design β†’ Implementation β†’ Testing β†’ Released/Paused. (View template)

The 3-Step Guide To Design Your Workflow

  1. Identify Your Workflow Items

    β€œWhat are the Items that move through your process from start to end?”

    For example: Candidates

  2. Outline Your Process Stages

    β€œWhat are the major steps an Item (e.g. Candidate) goes through in your workflow?” (Picture a timeline from the beginning to the end.)

    For example: Applied β†’ Screening β†’ Interview β†’ Hired/Rejected

  3. Determine Additional Item Details (a.k.a. Properties)

    β€œWhat other important details should you keep track of for each Item?”

    For example: Job Position, Phone Number, Email, Applied At, CV…


Create A New Workflow

To create a Workflow in Ayanza, navigate to the WORKFLOWS section in the left main navigation bar and click on the + button.

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Give your Workflow a proper name.


Open Workflow for anyone, or a Closed one shared only with the members?


Add team members who β€œown” the workflow together with you.


Set up the stages of your workflow (use the pre-built, or custom option).

Create Workflow From Template

Explore the ever-growing Ayanza Templates library filled with Workflow templates based on the most frequently executed team processes.

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Apply Template In Ayanza

To create a Workflow from a template, click on the Create From Template button during the initial Workflow setup described above ⬆️.

Browse Templates On The Web

You can always browse the entire templates library on the web and apply templates directly from there.

Add, Edit & Delete Workflow Properties

Properties are all the other special attributes (besides Stage) that items in your workflow have (e.g. Launch Date, Phone Number, Email, Tag, Category, Person…).

You can manage Workflow properties easily in the Settings > View > Properties. To open Workflow settings, click on β€œβš™οΈβ€ at the top-right corner of your screen.

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To Add New Property

Click on β€œ+Add propertyβ€œ at the bottom and pick a desired property type ⬇️.

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To Edit/Delete An Existing Property

Click on β€œβ€’β€’β€’β€ next to the property that you wish to edit/delete.

To Hide A Property

To prevent a property from displaying without deletion, use the on/off switch.

Add & Customize Workflow Views

The default visualization of a Workflow is a Kanban view. Yet you can always look at your processes through other views such as Table, Calendar, Gantt Chart, etc.

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To Add a New View

Click on β€œ+Viewβ€œ at the top of your screen.

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To Customize A View

Use the Filter, Sort, and Group By options to customize the view to your liking.

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Add Items To Your Workflow

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To Add Item

Click on β€œ+ Itemβ€œ in the top-right corner of your screen or right within the Table / Kanban / … view.


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To Open & Edit Item

Click anywhere on Item to open it in a side peek, where you can edit its properties, or add notes at the bottom.


Any Questions About Workflows?

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