Sep 29, 2023 by Rado

Team Journal

Enable Communication For All

Healthy & fulfilling relationships. Meaningful interactions. Effective collaboration. Discussions over frustration. A joy to work. Sounds good? Try Ayanza.

Let everyone speak thanks to a powerful app that breaks communication barriers & encourages an improved way of collaboration.

Join a revolution of Team Journaling.

Everyone Can Write

What if we make it easy for everyone to share thoughts & express opinions while at the same time breaking silence & shyness present in discussions?

Writing is often easier than talking. Team journaling encourages everyone to be part of conversations. Just write down how you feel, or what you think. It is as simple as it sounds, no tricks.

Mindblowing Moments

People and discussions over processes and tools.

Open a new document & write down your notes from a meeting. That’s it. Everyone sees it real-time. No more emails & sharing of documents. Colleagues will come to you already updated, acknowledging your work & successes.

Now you have more time for meaningful discussions & feedback.

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Practice regular reflections. Make it a fun habit. Journal your way towards team’s success & healthy relationships with your colleagues.

Power Of Interactions

Discover potential of shared knowledge and creativity.

Imagine how much potential can be uncovered if you regularly share your work with everyone. How many new ideas, knowledge & valuable feedback could come flying to you. How many new discussions can be opened. Just by writing things down.


Co-create an open space where ideas flow freely & interactions of people are regular practice.

Boost Your External Communication

A habit of journaling encourages improvement in communication & writing. Use it. Every company needs to regularly share what they do to stay relevant within the market. What difference would it make if you let all people write about their work publicly?

Document your achievements, new features, or current ambitions. Share it.